Monday, January 12, 2009

The HOTNESS Facor (and other random musings)


I’ve been stressed over something I revealed recently. Maybe I was inappropriate, maybe not….what do you think?

I revealed via some blog comments that Crissy’s husband is Hot. Hot with a capital H. O. T.

Is that wrong? I don’t want to give the wrong impression. I have no desire to ‘hook up’ with anyone but Mr. Perfectly----I have no desire to seek anyone else out…..but hey….that doesn’t mean I don’t NOTICE things. Like Matthew McConaughey……Scott Baio, or the not so rough looking Leif Garrett…….oh, did I mention Matthew McConaughey?

So, internet, is it wrong to appreciate the aesthetic nature of individuals? Is it wrong to TELL someone….hey, your husband is handsome (maybe that is better than saying ‘H A W T’). I certainly would be flattered if someone commented on the fact they thought my husband was handsome…or talented…or ANYTHING positive.

But to be honest, if someone went overboard…..or pursued him in ‘that’ way, I’d be REALLY PISSED!!!

But to notice or even be coy and joking about it, I think is fun and harmless.

What do you think…..was it offensive to Crissy to mention that about her husband? Is it skeevish to the admiree to have an overweight, middle aged woman notice your looks? Is it offensive to Mr. Perfectly to have his wife think someone is handsome? I know for certain he thinks some women are attractive………although, I don’t think either one of us makes a big deal about that sort of thing (did I mention Matthew McConaughey? Hahaha—Mr. P thinks that I go a little too ga-ga over MMc)……but he, on the other hand, FOR SURE notices things like breasts………It’s human nature!!! It doesn’t offend me in the least…………

I need to know!! I don’t want to offend my husband or my interfriends………

I mean I notice ALL SORTS of things……….like Dingo’s BOOTS (which by the way I saw at our Dillards at Christmas….I was so EXCITED, but was too rushed to see if they fit my fat calf or if they were in my price range of maybe $10.99). To me noticing someone’s good looks is a lot like noticing someone’s clothing, shoes or hair.

So, anyway, speaking of going overboard, I’ve decided that I want MelissaLion’s hair. My hair happens to be very thin, fine and frizzy---hers happens to be thick, luxurious and glorious. She seems to think a ‘good stylist’ may be able to do miracles. I’m petting my few hairs and LAUGHING at the thought.

Well, that's about all I've got for this fine day. I am officially off work....our new Governor is being inagurated, and they let State of Missouri employees in our county off because of the parking, security and speace issues........woo hoo. A Governor I like, and a day off. Who could ask for MORE?

Let me know on the appropriateness of the hotness factor. It's a given that I find my husband incredibly hot.

COMMENT AWAY, People.........I've MISSED YOU ALL!!!


Kristen said...

You think my husband is hot?

YOU BITCH! How dare you compliment him in such a way?

He's going to think he's all that now and I'll have to deal with his already over inflated ego.

Just kidding.

I'm not at all offended. I think it's great. Please come on to him. He'd love it.

MsDarkstar said...

I think commenting on the hotness of another blogger's significant other is a compliment to both the party being complimented and their partner.

Now, if you were to meet the Crissy's in person and rub all up on Mister and purr to him how you think he's hot... there would either be an issue or a three-way in the making depending on how much alcohol is involved I am thinking... (I jest...but I do think there is a difference between a blog compliment and hitting on someone's other half in person...)

Don't lose any sleep over it, I think Crissy understands that Mister is a chick magnet... and will not be offended by your commenting on him in all his (most of the time) pantsless glory!

Dingo said...

I will tell you that Mr. Crissy is indeed Hot. Hawt. Hottie McHotterson. And I wish I had read MsDarkstar's comment before meeting the Crissys last month because I do think there was some rubbing and purring.

I think that it's perfectly acceptable to compliment another blogger's SO. And btw, not that I have to tell you, but Crissy is also hot.

I think the line is drawn though, when you start coveting another blogger's rain boots. Back off, bitch.

Daisee579 said...

I agree. Compliment away about how hot folks are; just don't try to steal my man and we're cool. LOL

I mean, my lines may be a bit more blurry than some, seeing as how I'm a sort of stalker and all, but I think off-handedly saying "gee, I think your hubby is hot" isn't a big deal. Now if you start sending him naked pictures of yourself or driving by his house with a boombox on your shoulder, well, that may cause a whole 'nother set of problems.

Kate said...

Noticing someone is attractive is a compliment.

Kristen said...

Dingo shared her meat with my husband.

Just thought I'd share that little tid bit.

Dingo said...

Mr. Crissy also shared his noodle with me.

Whiskeymarie said...

Me & my friends do this all the time- no one seems to get offended (not that they say, anyways). Nothing wrong with a little compliment, I say.

Tawny said...

YAY you are back!!!