Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday, Sunday.

I got a touchpad thingy so I could blog more. The thing is....I love blogging. I compose them in my head......write lists of ideas and even think of titles that are cute so can develop blogs that way! But here I sit.....doing nothing. So, tonight, while I await the GLEE premier, I thout I would blog.

Son number 2 has friends over....and they are fun. We are watching the superbowl. I'm bored. Even the commercials are dull. We had some good food, bu my attempt at having an imprompteau party backfired. I am not a 'planner'. Why does everyone else have to be? Everyone already had plans. *pout*

Although, next week are our birthdays. Just in case you are one of those planner people and want to send presents! My dad and Marty are taking us out to dinner on Friday. The and various friends are going and I am sooooooo excited. I adore big get togethers. Especially when its about me!

Although its cool, and I'm grateful to have it...this touchscreen keyboard is small and I am using a stylus...and its so ssllooww! So, my blogging is taking forevah!

Hey, its been nice visiting with you, but I have gas and think I will take it to the bedroom so as not to embarras my son or his friends.

Toodles for now!

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msdarkstar2u said...

It may be late, but I have some stuff to send for your birthday!
Better late than never, right?