Monday, February 14, 2011


Yes, that was my greeting upon Mr. P's arrival home after work. Good thing I don't get too sentimental about Valentine's Day.

Our birthdays our 3 days apart. Mr. P's is the 10th and mine the 13th. By the time Valentines day rolls around, we are celebrated out. I'm not a romance girl. I'm good with a comfy chair and a date with the teevee. I suppose a lot of men would be relieved about no expectations on Valentines day. I think, however, that Mr. P wishes I were more romantic...I know, what a terrible dilemma, huh? A husband that LIKES the sentiment of Valentines day!!

I turned 45 yesterday. Huh. I think I'm not loving how that sounds. I'm too YOUNG to be 45!!! I'm just figuring out who I am! It sounds old. I'm not ready for old. I should be grateful for my happiness. I am grateful. Just not geriatric happy!

Dad and Marty took us and family and friends to dinner. It was lovely. Many of those I love the most were there. So, despite my fear of aging, this was one of the best birthdays ever.

Son #1 has a best girlfriend that had a devastating accident in September. They've been pals since they were in kindergarten. She suffered a traumatic brain injury. He brought her to our birthday dinner! I think secretly, that was my favorite part. I hadn't seen her since her accident, and to have her with us recovering as well as she is was priceless. She's beautiful in every way. She's a wise soul, and has been since we met her all those years ago. She made the evening perfect.

I hope everyone has a swell VD!!!!!

Toodles for now!

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