Monday, February 21, 2011

Have you ever wished you were Mennonite?

No? Me either. However, I live near a Mennonite community, which I think is totally cool. It's awesome to see those living a different lifestyle just by driving down a country highway. I see people riding their bicycles as transporation, and people using the horse and buggy. I see laundry hanging out to dry most times of the year, and children running and playing.

I would say it's a simple life, but seriously? How can I? I've never lived it....I've never used just the basics to live. I understand that the Mennonites do allow some modern conveniences into their lives, however, I assume it's not to the extent I am used to.

Anyway, the local Mennonite community also has really cool stores. They have a wide range of items sold in bulk. It ranges from spices to pasta to flour! They have frozen veggies and pies for sale, too! It's the NEATEST place. I love going. The one most commonly known around here is Weaver's Country Market, near Versailles, MO. Remember, Internets, we've HAD this conversation before....round these parts it's not called "VER-SAI", but "VUR-SALES" I only live about 15 miles or so from this market. It's totally adorable. They have a small machine in there and they grind their own nuts to make peanut butters! Flavored ones! Like Chocolate, and cappucino! They make cashew butter, too! I can't eat that....I'm allergic to for me, huh? Anyway, despite the fact they get their food from suppliers like most retail businesses, I like to think of the lovely Mennonite people packaging this cool stuff from scratch......why? Because it adds to the simple life fantasy that alot of us have. We want our tv's and car's and ready made food, BUT we think we want to life off the land. To grow our own make bread.....NO PRESERVATIVES. Well, if you all are like me, it's a nice thought, but not realistic. So, for the sake of my fantasy world, I'll continue to think that cute Mennonite women and girls are doing all of this so we "English" customers can have a taste of the simple life.

Anyway, Heather, my niece and I are going there today. We are also going to Burger's Smokehouse factory store. I am not sure, but I think Burgers has smoked hams and sausages that they sell all throughout the US. Oh, and bacon. Yum. Anyway, they have really good deals on 'seconds' at their store. I know, as weird as I am about food, why would I buy a defective ham? Well, because the HAM isn't defective, it's the way they cut the spiral cuts are off or soemthing. They sell pieces and ends of bacon for like $2.99 or something. Bacon is 'SPENSIVE people, and Burgers Bacon is good. Last time it was pepper bacon. MMMM...and despite it's 'pieces and ends' disclaimer, it was meatier than the streaky crap I buy at the grocery!!

Speaking of Heather, she wants a nickname like most others on my blog. She and I have a running feud as as to who's status reigns highest in the family hierarchy. She has not, and will not realize that my status is 20 years her senior, and I was the FIRST at just about everything. First child in the family...first GRANDCHILD, etc. That alone wins. She calls herself the Princess, which of course was my title, so I changed it and tell her frequently that QUEEN totally trumps Princess.....but she's not buying. She thinks she should be called Perfectly Princess in my blog. I've told her NO WAY.....but she pouts and pretends as if I'm hurting her in some way, so I will go with it. Just for her. However, y'all know that I don't type out all my nicknames all the time....just like Mr. P. I don't call him Mr. Perfectly all the time......just MR. P, and you know who I mean, right? So from here on, Heather will be called PeePee....short for Perfectly Princess. World, Meet PeePee!!

I know....the thought process would be to call her PP, but PeePee has finer comedic value, so what the PeePee wants, the PeePee shall get.

PeePee and I will be off to Burgers and to Weavers when she gets here. It should be pretty fun!!

Toodles for now!!


MsDarkstar said...

I like that you are blogging more! Yay! And I want to go to the Farmer's Market here this year and actually get fresh stuff. (Last year we didn't have a cooler and it's too hot to leave stuff in the car without it...)

And *snerk* PeePee! Love it! (But will PeePee poopoo the notion of being referred to as PeePee in your blog?)

Perfectly Shelly said...

Ms. D!! PeePee wasnt nearly as tickled as I was about her name. Her 7 year old daughter found it hilarious, though!!

I spent way too much money on un necessary items. But I got 9 lbs of bacon, 2 lbs of ham, 2lbs of specialty coffee, a ham end for beans for roughly $36! Yes...hind of expensive, but bacon t the store would have been, imokay with the price.