Sunday, February 20, 2011

Social Studies

I went out with High School pals last night! At THE MISSION, a local venue for live music. In my community, there WAS no such animal, so I think it's awesome to have a place like this, and to have it owned by some really cool people!

The Mission is small, and is set up to highlight live music in our area. They are open to all types of music, so it's really cool. I'd say maybe 20 or so of my age group classmates showed for the event and it is SO NICE to see everyone. I, of course, wore too much eyeshadow and made my thinning hair too poufy on the sides, but was FUN!! Mr. Perfectly didn't go with me. He really hates stuff like that, so he knows he's generally off the hook for social engagements with my friends.

For my personal tastes, I would have enjoyed drinks somewhere quieter.........the music was really good, but it was LOUD!! And made it hard to talk. So, instead I spend much of my evening people watching. Whoo Boy.......was it an education!!

Early in the evening a girl that I recognized from either school or around town was there. She trying to dance with her boyfriend. He seemed resistant, but she used his barely swaying body as a vessel for her dance. She swung her hair, squatted to the ground, ground her hips, etc........all on what originally appeared to be a semi-unwilling subject. It was quite the display of dance technique, on an empty dance floor. As time moved on, she went to a more willing dance partner, although, he didn't move as 'energetically' as she did either. It seemed odd to be dancing with your pal this way. But who am I to judge? Maybe she just likes to dance? Soon, she went back to her orignal dance partner who seemed a little more willing to join her (beer induced, maybe?). I was facinated by this, Internets......facinated. I have so may self image issues, I wondered how it was that she could be so FREE on the dance floor!! So not worried. I watched my friends around me, and they too were watching intently to see what would play out. Remember, we live in a small, conservative community (it's hard, Internets,...really it is sometimes) and this isn't what we normally see!!

Well, as the informal co-ordinator of this meet and greet finally explained, she is a local HOOKER!! A Prostitute!! In our fair ciry! UNBELIEVEABLE! I hear tales of prostitutes coming 'round because of the politicians we house as the State Capitol, but I assumed those were the 'pros' you see on TV that are all professional looking and whatnot. This girl just looked like a girl.

So, it was totally fun watching the antics around me and seeing old friends and familiar faces. Everyone looks awesome.....of course!! I was thrilled to be there and can't wait to do it again. Even if I do learn that hookers exist.......that's ok. Everyone deserves to make a living!!

Toodles for now.

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