Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The PRESSURE. The WORRY. Oh, Internets, I outed myself on Facebook. To all of my facebook friends. I told them about this blog and invited them to read it…..AND COMMENT!!! Now instead of worrying about offending the 3’s of you, I’ll have to worry about offending maybe 10’s of you.

I decided I needed a good motivator for writing, so after I wrote my little post last night; with a stylus; on a touch pad, I decided to tell Facebook that I had a blog. I thought maybe that would motivate me to write more. If I had MORE READERS and MORE COMMENTERS, that maybe I’d want to write again. With fanfare and passion. With MEANING and joy. To people who would hopefully ‘GET’me. GAH. What have I done.

It occurred to me about the millionth time I checked my sitemeter to see who all may be reading, that I was far too worried about who might be looking, than WHAT I wanted to say. For the Newbies (HI, FACEBOOK!!!), I live in mortal fear of saying something offensive to someone. Politically, emotionally, etc. Since most of my newbies are high school friends, they will also learn that when I come to class get togethers, or see you in public, I cringe because I certainly don’t look like I did in high school. I’m the one that got fat. No……really. F A T. It’s okay….I can see it for myself. I try to delude myself into being cute, but I know. So, I tend to want to be the ‘real me’ on here, but I often am not for fear of alienating my readers. Sheesh, since I hardly post anymore, the alienation has taken place, so I’ve asked a new crop of readers to enjoy this. AND YOU ALL KNOW ME!! That’s even worse! Believe me, it’s easier to be judged by strangers than the high school crowd. **sigh**

Besides that, I’m secretly thrilled when someone reads!! Thrilled and Mortified. I’m such a contradiction in emotion. No wonder I need therapy. And wine.

With the panicked rant aside, I do want to welcome anyone who wants to read this. I do try not to be offensive. I try not to be controversial, however, if I feel strongly about something, I do mention it. Even if other’s won’t agree. I honestly believe that is what makes our Country great. That we are all allowed to have opinions and feelings. Even if yours may be wrong…..(oh boy!!! Did I say that out loud??) hahahaha , just kidding!!

So, apparently there is an informal meet and greet this weekend? Am I allowed to mention that? Well, I’ll just say that some of my pals from childhood, junior high and High school will be gathered at THE MISSION in town. I’m totally excited, especially (Hi Richie and Jenny) that it’s now smoke free. (gah….one of those controversial subjects). I know they don’t hold my opinion against me, and this new ordinance is of concern to them. I hope as many people as can will patronize that business. They are good people and THE MISSION is a cool place. I have a cute new outfit that I could wear, but it’s out of the box for me. I’ll have to think on it to see if I’ll do it up cute or dowdy. I wore it last Friday to dinner with family and friends. Heather, my niece bought me a crown, a sash and a button. Which is decidedly proper for the royalty that I am! Hear that Heather? Queen totally trumps Princess.

Xxxoo. Toodles for now.


Anonymous said...

Living in your fantasy world again I see....


MsDarkstar said...

Oh Girl, you so crazy!

Even if those pesky "real life" people diss you, the Internetz still has luv for you!

Jakki said...

We are SO on the same wavelength....I've abandoned my blog for cave dwelling (as you know only I can do) and think its time to get back into it...