Monday, February 28, 2011

Onions are not my friend.

I made some kick-ass potato soup last night, AND some homemade bread.

Now, despite my adoration of cooking, and complete enjoyment of SOUPS.......I don't enjoy a THICK, creamy soup. Commercial clam chowders? blech. Chain restaurant soups that are anything "cream" or "cheese"? gag.

My problem with soups in a restaurant is to me many taste canned. Fake. PROCESSED. It makes me shudder. For me, this holds especially true for cream soups.

Anyway, I make an untraditional potato soup. I like it, my family likes it, so you all can sneer if you choose, because it works for me. I basically only use onions, celery, LOTS OF BUTTER, milk (skim), salt and pepper (oh...and of course potatoes). It's a brothy soup that is yummy.

I used a pretty big onion this time, and the soup was oniony, but it was SO good. I ate two bowls.

This morning, I was in the shower and kept smelling the deep sulphur-ish smell of onion. I smelled my fingers, and scrubbed them........holy COW, y'all....I realized that it was my breath hanging in the droplets of steam in my shower. I barely TOUCHED the onions and my fingers were as Hawaiian Coconutty as my body wash allowed!! It could have been nothing else but FUNK emitting from my MOUTH!!! C R IN G E!!

I have issues with things like garlic and onions (AHEM) "staying" with me. But I knew if I could smell it so could half of our county.

I gargled and kept to myself today---kept more than a polite distance from my co-workers and PRAYED that I was bearable. Sans the steam, I had NO CLUE if I was offensive or not.

Sheesh, guys. How mortifiying! All from an innocent bowl of soup. Okay TWO bowls of soup. I'm not sure all the Listerine in the world would combat my issue today.

Let's hope that tomorrow's steam doesn't reveal more than I bargain for in the Morning.

Toodles for now.


MsDarkstar said...

Parsley... you need parsley.

Apres soup, munch up some parsley. It should help.

MsDarkstar said...

Parsley, y'all need Parsley.

After you eat delicious soup, munch some parsley (fresh, of course).

Also, get yourself some Clorets. Not too tasty but the banish the beastly breath.