Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I learned from Lawrence Welk

It's been a rough year, Internets....ROUGH.

My beautiful Mom had triple bypass surgery. YEP!!! Second parent in 6 months to have bypass. Seriously! WTF? As if the summer didn't the new year!!

I know.....I sound like a brat.....but I can honestly say that stress is my new BFF!

So.....little Mrs. insecure managed to DRIVE HERSELF to Des Moines to be with her MAMA. Surgery.went well and Mom is doing splendidly.

The first trip, I stayed with my grandparents. Yes, my grandma and grandpa are still living. He's 93, and she's 88! How awesome is that? They are healthy and active.

Saturday night is what mom calls 'date night'. They eat their dinner at the dishes, and sit down for their favorite programs of the week; Guy Lombardo and Lawrence Welk. A rousing hour and a half of the finest of PBS.

I was tired, stressed and had a sore throat. I hd no desire for old fashioned shows. Grandpa clapped after each numberO and talked to grandma throughout. I texted my bff Teenie about the FOOLISHNESS!!. I wanted to watch some true crime...or a Comedy! Anything but what was on!

Then her return text came. Containing a gentle, yet swift kick in the ASS. She told me to enjoy every moment of time with my adorable grandparents......that they wont be around forever.

Wow. I certainly needed to hear that. I learned my my much needed lesson and totally enjoyed my grandparents. What a joy to see their faces and hear their voices when remembering the 'old' days.

I'm so ashamed that I was EVEN so selfish to be wishing something different than what I was doing. I may never do that again. Sit with my 93 and 88 yr old grandparents as they re-live a life they've loved for 70 years together (yes.....seventy years).

I was able to go to bed at 9 pm and thank my friend for allowing me to get over myself and to enjoy what I was seeing.

thanks Teenie. Thanks L. Welk!!

toodles for tonight.

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msdarkstar2u said...

I'd love to watch Johnny Carson with Gramma & Grampa again.