Thursday, April 1, 2010

Drive Shaft on the GROUND....looking like I'm BROKE with a DRIVE SHAFT ON THE GROUND!!!

Seriously Ellen. Call me. Make me Laugh. Have me and Son #2 to your show and all the little teenagers and tweens will think he's ADORABLE. I am still on my mission to meet you and have my adorable son meet you too. He has a serious Ellen crush!

Today, I had an eye Doctor appt. Our weather man promised it to flirt with record breaking high temperatures. The birds were singing, the grass is practically growing before my eyes! I was off work, even if it was for an eye Dr. awesome was THIS going to be?

Then PERFECTLY luck kicked into high gear. When I got into the car, I saw the vet had called. They don't randomly I did something I DETEST...and called the vet and said "Hi....this is Perfectly, and I saw you called my cell phone????" Yes...I was one of THEM. Anyway, they informed me that one of my dogs was down the street at a neighbor's house. I was supposed to call the guy...Ross. I'm asking the Vet how Copper got to Ross' if she'd know......but instead I just got a phone number. I called Ross and found out that he lived a couple of doors down...I inquired to see if he happened to notice two OTHER dogs, and he didn't. I sped home, made sure that the other two were in the house (they were). I picked up Copper, and took him home. I think the guy may be a police officer. There's a house right there that a cop lives in.....and I think that may be it. So Copper did the right thing when he got lost, and found a policeman.

So, I set off to Hy Vee to pick up ingredients for an awesome veggie sandwich that I'd seen. I was in the liquor aisle (WHAAAATTT??? I was just looking....sheesh), when Son #2 called and said that his truck was broken. I asked HOW was it broken. He said that the Transmission fell out of it. Holy Crap....the TRANSMISSION? I inquired "fell out??"...and was told Yes...FELL OUT.

I crazily tried to reach Mr. P while trying to get to my kid, with a gazillion transmission parts all over some street. Mr. P and Son #2 talked and they determined that it wasn't really the transmission...but the drive train...or drive shaft...or SOMETHING necessary to make the truck GO. Apparently this is bad, but not nearly as bad as a whole transmission.

So, I abandoned the thought of lovely grilled eggplant and red pepper sandwiches with pesto and goat cheese and went to a fast food place (I hadn't eaten since 10 am....what of it??) It was sort of just okay. Oh, and who happened to drive up behind me? My Oldest who was there to buy a soft drink...who graciously hopped out of HIS car and ran up to mine where I was ordering asking me to buy his large drink.

So I came home, and waited the result of the truck. They are out doing boy things like probably looking underneath and trying to diagnosis it (yep.....SOMETHING fell won't START). Then we'll take it somewhere to see if it can be fixed, or if we'll have to put it down.

Now, I know we are LUCKY. We have two working vehicles. But the sheer convenience of having the boys having their own vehicles is because WE DON'T HAVE TO TAKE them EVERYWHERE...Which makes our lives so. much. easier. I should grouse.....we have transportation, we have a home, we have everything we need, but sometimes the Princess in me STILL wants to shout that I am ALREADY STRESSED. I have two teenage boys.....a full time job......a 'secret' that I have to fret eldest teenage son that I worry NON-STOP about (that friends is fodder for another post), and now a stinking drive SOMETHING or other that is on the ground. Hey....maybe I could get Ellen to let me sing 'Drive Shaft on the Ground' on American Idol and become an overnight success!! I could GET a newer vehicle for me and pass the older one on to the boy!!

So, now the house is hot and humid. Outside is LOVELY, but there's no-one here to sit out there with me...and the dogs aren't the best conversationalists.

So I'm grousing here. Admittedly, I shouldn't. I have so many PERFECT things in my life...I shouldn't let teenagers, a stressful change, or a truck get me down.

But it does....oh, and I have bi-focals. This is not new but they had to 'up' the strength of them, and I'm mildly nauseous from weird glasses and contacts.

C'mon Ellen......don't you FEEL MY PAIN? Oh..I'll twitter you too...or tweet you, or whatever......I'm on a QUEST!!

Happy Summer when it's still early Spring!!


stoogepie said...

So, what happened with the truck? Whatever it was, I'm sure it was plain old suckage.

Ooooh. A secret. Do tell!

I am anxiously awaiting your post about Son #1.

Ellen will come around. She always does.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the truck...So we didn't come over (clearly) because the family didn't all clear out until about 10:30, and despite your assurance that you don't have a bed time, I didn't think you would want me coming over at that hour (we are old right, I mean geez, you are wearing STRONG bifocals now)!


Perfectly Shelly said...

The truck is currently parked down the block from us (that way the NEIGHBORS look like they are trashy) while Perfectly's dad awaits a new drive shaft, or drive train, or U joint or WHATEVER to be welded. Then Perfectly's dad, Mr. P and Son #2 wil work on fixing it, so the kid has his 20 yr old vehicle to drive again. Let's hope it works.