Monday, April 19, 2010

Marijuana is an Herb!

Huh! Who knew!

We planted our herb garden this past weekend. Not marijuana, however, but the gold standards....Mint, basil, chives, parsley, thyme, lavendar and rosemary. Oh and one sneaky catnip found its way into my cart.....just to freak Perfectly's dad's farm cats out! I bought some for home and some for the we'd all have PLENTY of herbs this summer....and I can puree/chiffonad them and freeze them for winter soups, stews and other stuff I want to put them in.

I want a siamese cat. I don't know much about them, but they are stunning.

That's about all I've got today folks.

Oh, wait....I made a batch of hooch over the weekend, too. Not 'hooch', but limoncello. I just call it hooch....'cause that's more fun and folksy and all. I'll let you know how it turns out after a couple of weeks of the everclear steeping with the zest of 12 lemons. Then simple syrup gets added, and it's frozen. Of course, everclear won't freeze, but it makes this syrupy, cold digestif!

Happy Monday, all! Toodles!


MsDarkstar said...

First of all... ENVY! Mr. POSSLQ and I want to try limoncello.

Secondly... CATNIP! My cats could give a rat's ass about the dried stuff you find in the pet store, but I'd bet they'd flip their lids over the GOOD 'nip.

daisee579 said...

I didn't know you could freeze herbs for winter. Hmmm. I can grow some of that stuff in pots right? I'm in a rental now, so no point in planting in their yard. But I've wanted a parsley plant at the very least for a while. Not that I have time on my hands these days :)

Perfectly Shelly said...

Daisee--I freeze them. I suppose the culinary people would say not to, but I've 'heard' that you can mince or cut up basil and parsley and freeze in ice cube trays (with water) and when you want basil or parsley in a soup or something you just throw a 'cube' or two in, and you've got it.

You can also make pesto in advance and freeze those in small quantities or ice cube trays too. Then when you want pesto, again, you've got it.

You can make pesto out of anything you like, not just basil.........

I know you are a lady of leisure these days (hahahahahahahahaha) so google pesto and see!

Ms. D---the limoncello recipe is awesome....I've tried it. Hopefully mine will turn out just as divine. I found (while cleaning out the garage) a crystal decanter that will be PERFECT for freezing and serving the stuff from!! I CAN'T WAIT for it to steep and get all done and lemony!! AS far as catnip goes.....I don't know if they'll like it or not....we shall see, because it's IN THE GROUND.

saratogajean said...

Dang...I want some limoncello like WHOA. My old boss used to make it and give it out at Christmas.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Saratoga! I know! Isn't limoncello awesome?

My dad found this really off beat resturant in the middle of the RURAL. They serve gourmet food, on weekends ONLY and by reservation ONLY. So they know how much food to shop for!

The owner guy makes limoncello. I'd never had it before going there. And MAN it'll blow your head off (strength wise), but it's totally awesome for sipping! I've got a batch brewing right now. I'll report the results as SOON as I know.

stoogepie said...

I thought marijuana was the gold standard. Huh.

Perfectly Shelly said... always make me laugh. Thanks!