Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Conundrum of Catchphrases and Contradictions

Well, kids, the only way to say it is that the weekend sucked. I want a do-over. It was rainy, cold (well, not COLD, but chilly and damp, which does NOTHING for my hair), and it just was generally sucktastic at every twist and turn.

For TWO CONSECUTIVE evenings, my plans of grilling burgers and hotdogs and adding my own touches to canned baked beans and making cole slaw were THWARTED!! And tonight we have the annual Football Booster spaghetti dinner. So, my plans will be put aside once again. Have y’all ever had school cafeteria spaghetti? It’s not very appetizing. And to purchase the greasy, flavorless heap o’ noodles is a whopping $8! Yes, it’s for the football program, which we support, because our kids play it, but ewwwww. I think I’d rather pay the $8 to the program, and stay home and eat grilled burgers with green onions in them. If son #2 wouldn’t be offended at our lack of appearance, I think I’d do that. Actually, he wouldn’t be OFFENDED, but he seems excited about the event, and I hate to not let that thrive in him……..so greasy noodles it is. I appreciate the thought behind the event, but it seems like GREEK to me that a simple, more FLAVORFUL tomato sauce can’t be created by SOMEONE with little effort and/or cost………I do it at home all the time.

So. Check out this website
Isn’t it COOL? We’ve eaten this very goat cheese at a cool Bistro in Rural Missouri. RURAL Missouri. If people in a town with less than a few people can cook, why can’t the BIG CITY (HAHA) SCHOOL CAFETERIA?

This Bistro we go to is the neatest place to eat. They take reservations only, and they make homemade GOURMET fare. He makes ricotta cheese FROM SCRATCH an makes FROM SCRATCH ravioli served in garlic and olive oil and OMG……O.M.G. They have only a few things on the menu each weekend and you eat what they are offering. They serve those yummy ravioli as an appetizer as well as warm GOAT CHEESE with herbs and toast points.

So, the goat cheese. From a sustained farm. Fresh. Goats. Grass. Fresh Air. Can we say HELL. TO. THE. YEAH.???? I am so enamored by ‘fresh’ and ‘organic’ and ‘self sustaining’ and all these buzz words of the day. Now I want goats to make cheese. And chickens to lay eggs. I really, REALLY want chickens. To lay eggs and to eat. We already get beef from Perfectly’s Dad. No hormones, no antibiotics. Fresh. Grass. Fresh Air.

Here lies the problem. I don’t want to DEAL with the goats, or chickens or the eggs. Or a garden. Or a compost site. I just want to reap the REWARDS of these efforts. Actually, I could see myself taking food scraps to a compost pile or bin. I could see myself feeding chickens, and maybe even checking for eggs. What I cannot see is cleaning a chicken coop, or for SURE not butchering or de-feathering a chicken. No way.

I am such a citified girl…..no blood….no feathers…no scalding water……..nope….not for me. No turning the earth with compost….no weeding (hey…I’m allergic), no goat hearding or milking……..I just WANT the stuff…….and I want it to be MINE--from MY animals and plants (cheaper…and I know it’s for real).

It’s a sad state of affairs. I want to be a hippie. A bohemian type. A true planet saver. A fresh food forager/getter. But that’s HARD y’all! Really Hard. And it takes A LOT of TIME!

I already TRIED the Shark Steam Cleaner to do my part in saving the earth, and it SUCKED! I’m back to bleach and Lysol and Febreze. Ha!! Gotcha! Not really....I just don't clean much!

So, what's a girl to do? I guess, I'll have to hit the farmer's markets and Mennonite stores for a stash of organic, huh?

Toodles for now.


Dingo said...

Holy cow, woman! I've been catching up with all that's been going on with you and don't even know where to start with the commenting. So, I'll just say, I love goat cheese.

stoogepie said...

Well, it sounds to me like you need a nice sustainable farm and some farmhands.

As it so happens, I understand that there may be a lot of people in Arizona who have agricultural experience, are hard workers, don't demand much in terms of wages, and are dying to leave Arizona right now. You might want to look into it!