Friday, April 30, 2010


Okay. I am going to self-medicate my desire for organic, self sustaining farming by going to a Farmer’s Market in Columbia, MO!! I’ve heard that they had a Farmer’s market, but I didn’t know much about it.

I go to our local farmer’s market here in Jefferson City. It’s situated in the K-mart parking lot. There are probably a dozen vendors, and of course, the selection is based on season. Right now, the local farmer’s market has baked goods and bedding plants, mostly.

However, it appears that the Columbia Farmer’s market has WAAAAAAYYYY more vendors. Lots of eggs, fresh cut flowers, baked goods (baked with stone ground wheat that they grind themselves!!), herbs, veggies, and meat. We eat a lot of Chicken, so I am going to buy fresh, antibiotic/hormone free chicken! And goat cheese. There are even vendors that sell MUSHROOMS!! M.U.S.H.R.O.O.M.S!! Cultivated, I am sure, but FRESH!! I didn’t even know people GREW mushrooms around here!

Of course, there are honey vendors, berry vendors, ASPARAGUS vendors!! Omg….we love asparagus! I’ve heard it’s a bitch to grow, so we’ve never tried so I always treasure this time of year when it’s less expensive at the grocery store……..but people GROW IT AND SELL IT!

I don’t have a huge budget this month, so I will have to shop wisely, as I am sure fresh, organic, home grown, picked this week stuff is more expensive than the grocery mass market, but I am bound and determined to see what I can get for my dollar! I am so excited, that I for once am anxious for this day/night to be OVER so I can go tomorrow to Columbia!! I love my Friday Nights, so this is surprising!

We are supposed to get a round of severe storms this afternoon/evening. I don’t like storms. Another reason to move on from tonight into TOMORROW!!

I guess I’d better go prepare a menu this week that offers an opportunity for my farmer’s market fare!

Happy Friday! Toodles for now.


stoogepie said...

I like farmer's markets. Full of granola women wearing makeup that simulates women not wearing makeup, with beaded earrings that look slightly different upon close inspection, donning sunbleached cotton dresses and comfortable canvas sandals that look like they've had them their whole lives. I like that sometimes.

I didn't realize that farmer's markets also sold veggies and meat and cheese and such. Good to know.

Dingo said...

I love farmers markets! I find that everything (except meats) are usually cheaper than in the grocery stores.

While it's great being out in the fresh air and the food is fantastic, I often go home feeling like an idiot. Even if I recognize the names of some of the produce, I would have no idea in the world how to prepare it. That's why I stick with the fresh baked cookies at the market. I definitely know what to do with those.