Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Glitch

Yes, the Sprint Glitch is BAAAACCCKKKK! I’ve contacted Brandon in Executive Services…..who actually is nice, he just isn’t doing what I want, so I’m ticked. I’ve spoken to a manager ABOVE Brandon…a Richard Layne and he’s none too pleased with me, either.

Yea….the saga continues. The ‘glitch’ is a billing glitch. So after I chewed everyone I could POSSIBLY get hold of on Friday, on Sunday, amazingly, Mr. P’s phone stops working. K.A.P.U.T. The keys won’t make anything happen. Incoming calls can be seen on the screen, but not answered….texts can’t be sent or received, etc. I’d used the phone myself on Sunday morning…then he went to use it and it was fried.

We took it to a Sprint repair shop, and they say that the phone got wet, thereby voiding the manufacturers warranty. Wet. My Techie husband who never allows ANYTHING to cross contaminate his electronics (he has cases, skins, carriers, etc) got his phone wet? I don’t think so.

I called Sprint back yesterday accusing them of not giving the right diagnosis, or having flagged our file to be a persistent offender and a problem child…or SOMETHING. WE have no idea whether or not Sprint caused the ‘wet’ to be in the keyboard or not. All we know is that it worked, then it didn’t and then they said WE got it wet.

So, then I get up this morning, and check on things and the GLITCH is back. Again. Fourth time in a shade over a week. I got on the horn with Brandon, and he stayed on the line with me during the call to the billing department. Where I talked to a representative, a supervisor AND A MANAGER. I was on with them for over 15 minutes and THANK GAWD Brandon got to hear some of what I was told. It was completely contradictory to the notes previous reps had put onto the record.

Sheesh. So, Mr. P is without a blackberry, the glitch came back and has been fixed. I’ve accused Sprint of rigging my account to disable Mr. P’s phone and still no service credit for any/all of the hassle. I even went to AT&T while on HOLD with Sprint and it would be too expensive to chuck Sprint and their contracts that we are locked into.

I’m baffled folks. Baffled.

Oh……..and I kicked son #1 out of the house. I didn’t stick to it, but I got the nerve to utter the words.

Needless to say, I am a nervous wreck. Hold me Internet…..pleeeeeezzzzeeee?

Toodles for now.

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stoogepie said...

You know, a few days without a cell phone or blackberry can be a good thing. Maybe Sprint is just trying to help you get a little downtime.

Why'd you kick Son #1 out?