Friday, March 26, 2010

Who you are DOES matter!!

Remember how I’ve prostituted myself for comments and a wide readership? TODAY is a day that I really wish I was Crissy popular! If I were popular, maybe Sprint would READ THIS and act!!

We carry Sprint service on our cell phones. We’ve recently eliminated our landline (which we’ve had for 20+ years…hyperventilate!!!!), and use our cells almost exclusively. We have a ‘MagicJack’ number to give to people who NEED our phone number on file, but we don’t use it much for calls.

Anyway….Sprint it is. And although we have liked their phones and services, their customer service SUCKS. They are rude, incompetent, and condescending.

This morning (I will try to make this brief….but y’all know how that goes) We had a major glitch. The THIRD glitch this week…..the SAME glitch……three times. This Week.

Each time I’ve called, the people have assured me that the ‘glitch’ is fixed….no worries…..the people before them didn’t fix the ‘glitch’ right…..BLAH BLAH BLAH.

This morning, the GLITCH was back. I dug through my scraps of paper (I have hoarding tendencies for scraps of paper with numbers and notes on them), and found my TRUSTY number for the TOP GUN customer service staff. You have to go through receptionists, and have case numbers and all that shit to talk to these people.

THREE TIMES this morning I called and asked for the Escalation area………..that I did NOT want Account Services or Customer Ser vice…I wanted CORPORATE ESCALATIONS!!! Each time I was transferred, Internets, I got Account Services. HOW MUCH CLEARER DO I NEED TO BE WHEN I SAY ‘I DO NOT WANT ACCOUNT SERVICES’????? Account Services did fix the Glitch, but she was quite Testy in doing so. Therefore, I wasn’t done with my Sprint quest for satisfaction. I was going to TRY to get the corporate people to HEAR ME OUT!!!

Before the fourth time I called, I’d gone to my frienemy, Google, to try to find the number for the President of freaking Sprint these days, and saw a term of ‘Executive Services’. I called my handy number back and asked for Executive Service…..not Account services, or Customer service. Lo and Behold….I got BRANDON in Executive Services.

Yes, he can hear and certainly understand my frustration. But no. He can’t provide me a monetary service credit on my account. The can only do that in cases where Sprint has erred.

Hmmmmm……I asked HIM…explain how Sprint didn’t ‘ERR’?? The GLITCH happened 3 times…in one week, despite 4 phone calls from me to make every effort on my part to FIX the glitch??

He said now that the GLITCH is fixed, the problem was resolved. So I brought out the big guns……asking him TOUGH questions, like ‘so apparently Sprint is okay with your customers receiving crummy service’??

No, ma’am……but we fixed the problem.

(me) Again…after I had to call FOUR TIMES….IN A WEEK to fix the glitch because Sprint didn’t ever take care of it….how is that not Sprint’s fault?

(Brandon) I know you are frustrated, but my area doesn’t get involved with the GLITCH area….we can only intervene in behalf of the customer. Now if you had called Executive services while the GLITCH was still going on and not corrected yet, then I could have intervened for you.

(me…….head spinning into ORBIT): I did try to reach your department….3 times this morning. One of those times was before the GLITCH was corrected, but your operator kept sending me to Account Services when I asked for Corporate Escalations!! The last time, when I finally got YOU, I asked for Executive Services.

(Brandon) see, that’s the problem. You asked for Escalations and not Executive Services. Our operator knows that Escalation starts with Account Services.

(me…..practically screaming) What is WRONG with you people? I may have used the wrong TERMINOLOGY with the word Escalations, but when I told your operator that I DID NOT WANT ACCOUNT SERVICES…maybe something should have clicked with her that I didn’t want to speak to that department, huh?

(Brandon) I don’t know what you want me to do. We can’t get you a credit on your account, because the GLITCH was fixed.

(me) OMFG……are you serious. I’ve had to call your office 4x this week to fix the GLITCH. I NEGELECTFULLY use the incorrect WORD when telling your operator who I wanted to speak with about the GLITCH…..even though I specifically said I didn’t want Account Services…that’s where she sent me. Account Services fixed the GLITCH, but were rude. I finally get ahold of the CORPORATE EXECUTIVE SERVICES…after researching on Google the right term, and because the Glitch was fixed, you can’t offer me any compensation for YOUR ERROR and my HORRIBLE frustration?

(Brandon) Well, I will speak to my managers about your dissatisfaction and will call you back. It ‘should’ be later today.
See, Internets?? If I were popular, Sprint would eventually get this blog and happily handle my customer dissatisfaction. They’d make it right……Apologize all over themselves and credit my account for my near heart attack in trying to communicate with their IDIOT staff.

However, I’m just a shlub……..not popular, or anything. (sad face) So my rant will stay with you all. But I know you all love me and will at least feel my pain.

I thank you for that.

Toodles for now.


MsDarkstar said...

Tweet about it. Find out if there is an @Sprint account on Twitter and if so tweet something like "Very disappointed in @Sprint lack of customer service". I'll retweet if you do.

Perfectly Shelly said...

I did tweet about it, HOWEVER, I didn't look or think to follow Sprint specifically.

I'm at work, so I'll have to look that up this afternoon. They won't let us get onto any social networking sites, and since I'm pretty computer/phone illiterate, I don't know how to find stuff like that via my phone.

Thanks for the Idea!!