Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I spend a lot of time petting my Wiener.

He’s so soft and cuddly. He burrows under my blanket, up close to me. When I scratch him he gives big, wet kisses. He’s warm, and LOVES to hide in dark warm places. Of late he’s gotten fat. I’m hoping with the nicer weather coming, that he’ll get more exercise!!

I know…….my 3’s of readers know that I have a DACHSHUND, but those of you who don’t know me, I was hoping to be funny! We’ve made entire evenings funny at the expense of poor Dex, the dachshund. He can’t help it that he’s a fat wiener! Well, he CAN, if he’d eat less, but, he can’t help being a wiener at any rate. We particularly make these poor wiener jokes around my 16 yr old son, who thinks we are totally lame. We think we are really hysterical.

So, I haven’t talked about the canine boys in a while. Probably because they, just like the rest of my life, are still the same as ever. Buster is snappy, and humps the cat daily…while the cat just patiently waits for it to all be over. Copper is the ever patient, sweet gentleman, who obsessively licks himself. Dex is a goofy, loving, even tempered, and ADORABLE. It’s hard to play favorites, but I think Dex may be the cutest dog we’ve ever had. And the sweetest. I mean, they are all sweet, but have quirks in their personality. Dex is just a doll. A totally UNTRAINED doll, but a doll nonetheless.

Speaking of training, does anyone out there have an opinion on underground fences? How hard is it to train stubborn and/or older small dogs to obey the boundaries? Is the correction strong enough to keep them from flying through it to chase a cat..or squirrel, or rabbit? Mind you, we do not have well trained dogs. Two of the three will sit on command ONLY for a treat. That’s it. Dex is hopeless with training. He just submits, pees and goes CRAZY if he sees/smells/ hears treats. Buster knows when he goes on a car ride he has to go pee on a bush first……….so I know HE is capable of learning, but the other two? Especially the Doxie…I’m not sure. I worry.

So, tell me what you know about underground fences. Are they humane? Do they work? Can a stubborn, untrained dog be trained? Even if the stubborn dog has semi-lazy parents? They need a bigger place to run, so an underground fence far cheaper solution than new fencing.

Do you know if you can train dogs to doodie in a certain place in the yard? Easily train them?m Right now they go all over the yard, and it’s a bitch to clean, when we do so. Right now, after the snow, we’ve sort of just left it all, and the yard is naaaassssstttyyyy. 3 little boys make a lot of doo!!

So all you dog experts, weigh in……I need opinions!

Happy Wednesday………..

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MsDarkstar said...

(imagine Beavis & Butthead laugh) Shelly said "wiener"...
(yeah, in spite of my chronological age... I'm still 7)