Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Okay, so I missed the ENTIRE month of February…………

What can I say….it was my Birthday! Technically speaking, my birthday was only one day, but still….I think a month celebration/hiatus was alright, don’t you? Besides, I don’t get many readers anymore, so I’m feeling blue.

Hey….I got my nails done. Yes, it’s been since 2-12, but I got them done in the ‘french’ manicure style, only with brown tips…..I KNOW!! So out of my Midwest mom comfort zone! You know the even cooler thing? When I went in Saturday to get them filled, I changed the tip color to GREEN!!! Sparkly green!! For St. Patrick’s day! And yes, they ARE totally a St. Patrick’s day green!!

So, what’s new with all of you? Nothing and everything on this end. Yes, we are still experiencing the ‘unknown’ of worry……still a potentially good thing, but we are still in the dark about if (for sure), when, etc … our new ‘good thing’ may happen!! I’m still not at liberty to discuss, BUT when I can, I’ll be sure to fill you all in! I usually don’t keep stuff a big secret, but since this involves other people, I have to keep my mouth shut. For now.

So, I guess I don’t really know why I didn’t blog for the WHOLE MONTH OF FEBRUARY. Work has been really busy….and I’ve been totally un-motivated at home. You should see my house. It’s really awful. As Y’all know, I’m not a good housekeeper anyway, BUT my strange state of mind has somehow kept me from doing even the BASICS. And it shows. Wowza, it’s a mess. Clutter AND dirt abound.

My doctor changed my meds, however, and I think I feel a touch better……….he actually prescribed Prozac for me 2 years ago to help with some really UGLY pms symptoms. And it WORKED! Not only did it work, I noticed some changes in my overall outlook on life…….I laughed more……..etc. However, I noticed my tendency to revert back to unmotivation, and dwelling on stuff, and seeming a little less perky……..so he changed it. I’m now on Paxil which is supposed to help with anxiety at the same time as other Pms-ish and minor deperession symptoms. Over the weekend, I noticed I actually did a couple of things. Like help Mr. P clean out some basement cabinets. Like swiffering the bathroom floor……….

So, maybe things are back on the upswing……..maybe I can get some of my MOJO back, and get some crap DONE in my life. Maybe I can go back to prostituting myself for COMMENTS!! Maybe I can be FUNNY…….maybe I can turn the WORLD ON WITH MY SMILE!! Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but I feel Spring coming, and hopefully things will look up. Not that they were down, but I suppose I was a bit blue.

I keep looking at my green nails!! How fun are they! This is my little rebel moment…..proof that I want to be left of center….not the ‘norm’…..FUNKY……..bohemian (sort of). I get weird looks from all the other ‘mom’ types, but I really don’t care. Convention is generally not my style.

So….enough make up babble…….I really don’t have much important to say, but I thank those of you who checked my blog during the hiatus!!

Toodles for now!

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MsDarkstar said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere. Wish I could tell you I have exciting things to report but it's MY birthday this month so maybe things will pick up?!

Hope your motivation comes back!

Have a great week!