Friday, March 12, 2010

To branch out or not to branch out

I work in a job that pays $25,000 per year. I get good benefits, decent security, some cool co-workers (and then the totally off kilter co-workers, too), and a job that I really do like.

Our State Government is probably going to have to cut another 1000 jobs in the near future. Here’s to hoping mine and Mr. P’s are not on the ‘list’. I have 15 yrs of experience in THIS job, and another 7 in other State Government offices….for a total of 22 years…..

There’s a job in our department that is open. It pays $2800 more per year. In a consumer service position that I would probably do well in. However, with job cuts looming I am fearful of being put on 6 months of probation after all this time to change jobs. Probationary positions can be cut for no reason during the probationary period and are not up for appeal.

So, do I branch out and take a risk for less than $3000 more a year…..oh, yeah…I’d lose my flex time, which I love. I ADORE. However, due to circumstances, I may need to change my schedule ANYWAY. I just don’t know that for sure yet.

So, loss of a great flex schedule (7 am to 3:30 pm), risk while on probation, and risk of the security I feel in doing the same job for 15 years. Oh, and I’d move to a different area from my beloved Jakki.

The Pros are moving up, taking a risk, making more money and showing the Department in which I work that I am flexible, valuable and up for any challenge. Oh and moving away from the few INSUFFERABLE co-workers.

What would YOU do? This is all for naught if I’d be turned down for the job. Put that in the negative column, too.

I’m conflicted and nervous. 15 years ago, I would have applied in a heartbeat. I felt like I could do ANY job with ease. That I was GOOD! Now, as a 40 something person, I’ve gotten soft (yes......fat joke can be inserted here). I’ve gotten complacent. I’ve grown into a big CHICKEN.

Do you all have any exciting weekend plans? Really? Me either. I’m just excited it’s a weekend!!

Toodles, Kids!


MsDarkstar said...

As someone who is unemployed, with all you've said here, I'm going to have to vote with sticking right where you are FOR NOW. Too much risk + really craptastic job market (if you did get cut) don't justify a $3000 a year pay raise. (It's only $250 a month... and does it push you into a higher tax bracket?)

Yes, being a go-getter and taking initiative are good things, but... I wouldn't make a move right now if I were you.

I'm not you, though, and ultimately this is your decision.

I'll support you either way!

saratogajean said...

I'm in the same conundrum myself! Although I have nowhere near the time in that you have. I took the job with the school system that I have now when I was still finishing up my last year at college, and since then a position has opened up in another department, in another building, closer to home. I know I'm qualified, and I know I'd love the shortened commute, but I would NOT love having my new position cut.

So I wait it out...and think about going back to school. *sigh* Giving up the government's benefit package is hard.

Daisee579 said...

Shells, I wish you luck in this decision. The economy is making choices like this way more difficult than they used to be! Do you think you'd be happier in the new job? Would your old job be available if for some reason they cut the new one while you were in the probation period? The extra money would be nice, but if you're not going to be happier, it isn't worth it :)

Good luck no matter what you choose. And know you're not alone - there seem to be a lot of folks at the cross roads these days. Myself included!