Thursday, March 11, 2010

Okay….I am weighing in

On American Idol. Yep, I’m a watcher. Last year I was bound and determined NOT to adore Adam Lambert….because everyone loved him. That’s how I roll, people. I tend to inwardly shun convention. Outwardly, you’d think I’m the biggest conformist ever…….everything kind of blah about me and my life. But INSIDE I’m a rebel. But as it turned out, he ended up being my total favorite. Despite my decision (without regard to his talent) that I wasn’t going to like him, I did. He should’ve won. And I DO adore him.

This year, I have chosen my faves already. Crystal Bowersox in the lead!! The girl is awesome. I love her voice . And Lilly Scott….and Didi B (can’t remember her last name…..and too lazy to look it up). I usually like the boys better, but not this year. The boys are a little blah.

A girl here at work has a second cousin competing currently in American Idol. Yep….he’s one of the contestants that sang LAST NIGHT. I was BOUND AND DETERMINED not to like him……you know……being FORCED into liking him by way of knowing one of his family members. I wasn’t gonna do it. I was not going to be obliged to like someone. But guess what happened? I like him. I genuinely like him. He’s got a good voice. A REALLY good voice.

My original decision not to like the guy is no reflection of my co-worker…….I just didn’t want to find myself needing to make nice about the kid if he wasn’t good. Well, he is. And in my opinion he’s the best of the boys. Internet, vote for Alex Lambert. OFTEN. He’s shy…..he’s scared, but he’s GOOD!! He’s unique!! I feel guilty for judging him before the fact, but I didn’t want to have to pretend. I wanted my decision to be MINE instead of a pre conceived notion that I HAD to like him. Well, I don’t have to pretend. He’s my favorite of all the boys.

The internet makes fun of his nervousness, but rarely is his TALENT mentioned. Because he doesn’t have the stage presence of some of his competitors, he may lose out. Which will be a shame. If we get another teeny bop pop singer, or blues rock boy, or hip hop man I’ll be sick. What about a little old time, gravelly voice, good singer for once!

My bets are still on Crystal Bowersox to take it all, which is really a shame. She should be as lucky as Chris Daughtry to be cut late in the game and avoid the Idol contractual crap and get her own agent and record an album. Can you see her singing the pansy ballad they always have for the winner?

Anyway, that’s my AI take this year. And if Alex L makes it through tonight, VOTE FOR HIM! Keep him on there so he has a SHOT!

Oh, and on a separate note, Mother Nature roared into our town last night. Around 10:30, TORNADO SIRENS went off…I was in a DEAD SLEEP…….I wandered around all foggy for a while, and headed downstairs at the urging of Mr. P. When my creaky old knees and fat butt made it down, he announced that our county had been cleared and I could go back to bed. So, I trudged back up and watched the weather for a while, to see if any other Mid Missouri town would get hit by a rogue storm….then gave up and went to sleep. 6 am came way too soon this morning. I slept well, went to bed early, and other than a brief interruption of sleep at 10:30, slept clear through the night!! So, why am I so TIRED today?

Well, that’s my Thursday babble. Enjoy the day!!

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