Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moved In

No. I'm not obsessive over my baby being gone. Nope. I'm doing just fine. Fine...you hear me? FINE.

I don't call him or text him very often. Really, I don't. He doesn't complain over the frequency either. He's polite like that.

this is his dorm room...that will stay neat...you know, because he's a responsible young man.....

He'll manage to get up tomorrow for his classes at 8 am, too...I'm SURE of it. Again, that inherent responsiblity.


Lynne said...

Shelly, I wasn't trying to scare you with my previous comments. I'm sure he'll be fine. What happened with my son is not typical. He claims he tried to tell us he didn't want to go to that college (he didn't). He's doing much better now; awesome grades, better attitude. They get so much better when they hit 20-21.

Perfectly Shelly said...

You didn't scare me, Lynne.......I know my kid and I'm just worried sick.


Lynne said...

Some of them have to learn the hard way. And they do learn. Don't worry too much, you'll probably find out that you worried for nothing.

stoogepie said...

I learned the hard way and look at me now.

Unlike Lynne, I wasn't trying to scare you with my previous comments. Just be sure when you visit his dorm in the future to look for bent spoons with burned bowls, empty vials and syringes, tiny baggies with "residue," and neatly folded tiny foil packets with "residue." Also, worry if you don't find condoms.

He'll be fine.

Perfectly Shelly said...

STOOGIE! I'm so touched that you care!! **sniff--sniff**

oh....and YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!

I really miss you when you're gone.