Sunday, August 9, 2009


I do not know why I choose one of the hottest days of the Summer to be in the mood to cook. I get sweaty and huffy when it's hot and I'm cooking, but the OUTCOME is usually so awesome.

I am making clam chowder for dinner. I know....traditionally, folks don't eat steaming hot bowls of rich soup in the middle of summer, but it sounds good. With crusty bread or crackers? MMMMMMMMM

I am also making salsa. I have some beyond able to use in anything else tomatoes and peppers, so salsa it is. Mr. P. loves my salsa, and I've not made any at all this summer, so this will be a treat.

I am a little slow on the draw regarding jokes and humor. I tend to not get jokes and am unable to deliver them AT ALL. I am not quick with the comeback, or witty on a dime. However, I do crack myself up sometimes. This isn't a difficult task, but somehow nobody else seems to appreciate my own brand of humor.

When I was a little girl in Des Moines, Ia., there was a local afternoon kids program called FLOPPY. It was every kid's dream to be on Floppy. When I was 6 or 7, my cute, blond self was ON THE FLOPPY SHOW. My allergies had apparently kicked in, and I spend most of the show wiping my nose on the hem of my totally rad 70's polyester dress. Yep, my 15 minutes of fame consisted of snot and embarassing my family.

Anyway, 35 years later, my beautiful mommy brought me a FLOPPY t-shirt when she was here recently. I love it. It's too big and comfy. I wear my sloppy t-shirt to the grocery store and around the house. Mr. P brought it to my attention, that with folks here in Missouri not knowing about Duane Elliott and Floppy, it may be regarded as a testament to my breasts. and Floppy doin' myself proud.

So, I'm off to the shop for my soup and salsa, and me and Floppy will be strutting PROUDLY through the aisles.

See you there!!


stoogepie said...

I love this story. I should note, however, that it would probably be even more interesting to people unfamiliar with the Floppy show if Mister Perfectly were to wear that t-shirt.

Do you have pictures of (1) you on the Floppy show or (2) you in your Floppy t-shirt? Your public clamors for more.

You are very witty and also very wise.

Perfectly Shelly said...

I don't know if ther are any pictures of me on Floppy---I don't know of Mom had a camera with her, or if pictures were allowed, or if parents even cared about pictures back in the EARLY 1970'S........sigh. I'm old.

Anyway, I'm certain I can arrange for a photo of me in my FLOPPY t-shirt to be taken! I am married to a photographer, after all!!

Kristen said...

Floppy? Hahahahahahahaha!!!

Also, how was the chowder, or as we say it around here, "chowda"

Kristen said...

Also, I think you're really, really funny and totally cute.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Crissy---Awwww....thanks!! I like being funny and totally cute!!

The 'Chowda' was pretty awesome!! Actually, REALLY awesome. I was worried that it may be a little 'off' because 'round these here parts we don't have fish mongers....we have Super Wal Mart....and there are no fresh the shell or otherwise.

My recipe called for already shelled clams---fresh or frozen. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. No such animal around here,so I bought canned baby clams.......

But the result was awesome, and every bit was eaten. Which is a big deal at the Perfectly house, as leftovers often go to waste.

I suppose the butter and bacon fat didn't hurt the flavor of those canned clams, though.