Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pizza for dinner!!

I am making pizza for dinner. Actually, Mr. Perfectly and I will be making pizza for dinner.

I cheated and bought pre-cooked/sliced pepperoni and canadian bacon....because that's what the boys in the house (um....everyone but me) like. I have clams and artichoke hearts and red peppers for me. YUMMMMMM.

Mr. Perfectly is otherwise occupied at the moment. He's helping Perfectly's Dad at the Farm. Then he's CHOMPING at the bit to go over to son #2's first evening of football camp. So, the normal pizza maker in the house is HIM, but since he's going to be busy, I'm taking on the task.

See, although I love to cook, I'm not good with time consuming dough making, vegatable preping, etc. But, I'm putting on my big girl panties and getting with we can have PIZZA for dinner.

I was getting ready to go construct a sauce, and found some leftover sauce from meatball sandwiches earlier in the week. SWEET...I'll garlic it up, and add some more fresh basil, and sauce is DONE. I'm doing my best not to count the days since we had meatball sandwiches. I have a 'thing' about leftovers more than 3 days old.

I am figuring on the fact there is no meat in the sauce, and the acidity from the tomatoes making it all okay. RIGHT? It'll be fine? From Tuesday or Wednesday? Surely it'll be just fine. JUST FINE.

My dog, Copper has been roasting himself alive on my back patio today. He loves to soak up the sun. My other two are wimps and like the cool house. Copper lays flat on his side, full in the sun for a LONG time before he comes in panting.

I am making some wheat crust and some white crust. Son #2 is looking for ways to increase his protien and carbs, and he and I like the wheaty crust, so we'll experiment with it today.

Mr. Perfectly's folks surprised us with a visit yesterday afternoon. Well, not so surprising since they called us asking what Mr. P's shirt size was. That was a pretty good clue they were probably in town. Sure enough, they showed up around 5:30. They found a whole bunch of shirts on clearance at Kohl's for Mr. P. He's tall and lanky, and wears a 36/37 sleeve. Those shirts are hard to find sometimes without ordering them, or going to big/tall shops. The problem is he's not 'big'. He needs a 16 or 16 1/2 neck, and it's just a nightmare getting stuff to fit him. Well, they found a bunch of shirts for him.....which was a very nice thought.

However, I hadn't showered or anything yesterday. I have a cold and I don't do well with being sick. I whine and complain and generally am miserable to be around. And, I'd just made a Mojito, and put it aside and hid the rum.......

anywho, that's about all I've got for now. I'm off to the kitchen to make dough.

Toodles to you all!!


MsDarkstar said...

Mmmm, homemade pizza! Yummers!

I really need to get off my lazy ass, buy a new cupcake decorator and make cupcakes. Our dinner tonight is grilled steaks and Garlic Bacon potatoes.

Feel better quickly! And we are the mojito MASTERS in this house... I HATE that Mr. POSSLQ seems perpetually on call (and therefore cannot have any alcohol) lately!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Ms.D!! Mojito recipes please!!

I have chocolate mint, regular mint and lemon mint growing. I want to go get some orange mint, but have been to lazy to find it.

I've tried the standard recipe....limes, sugar, mint, MUDDLE--rum and carbonated soda.

It's good, but I'm looking for OVER THE TOP awesome.

stoogepie said...

Do you deliver to New York? Good. I'll take a large pie with pepperoni and a crispy wheat crust well done, please. And a mojito with fresh spearmint leaves and a stirrer made of sugarcane.

Tell Son #2 to buy Pure Protein shakes by Worldwide Sports Nutrition. Drink several a day. They ramp up your protein something fierce and they don't taste bad at all. And complex carbs like grapes beat anything synthetic.

Perfectly Shelly said...

I'll deliver anywhere.....if it's worth my while!

I'm not buying protien shakes, or anything. I'm sort of against that sort of thing. It overloads their bodies w/ protien, and gunks up the kidneys, etc....whereas if he eats GOOD foods (hence, grapes, whole wheats, veggies, pasta), then he should accomplish the same thing. Eggs--cheese, the like.

He thinks I'm a mean mom because I won't buy many dollar containers of stuff that is not natural.

now, don't get me wrong.I'm not a natural or organic type of girl.

But, I feel he needs to eat RIGHT and HEALTHY to accomplish the same thing that he could froma processed product is all. Besides, his momma is an awesome cook and can do alot with good, fresh ingredients.

maybe you should come HERE for's easier to get you here than me and my pizza there.

Whiskeymarie said...

Now I want pizza for dinner but I'm to pooped to bother.

Maybe I'll use my tried and true pizza recipe that's really easy-
1)Pick up phone
2)Call pizza place
3)Order pizza
4)When driver comes to door, pay them
5)Eat pizza

Perfectly Shelly said...

Whiskey---I am a picky pooper about commercial pizza. I like it out of a box alright (scary, I KNOW), But the only pizza I like locally is Arris pizza....a greek family that does the best pizza EVAH. I don't like the chain places at all (except pizza hut's cheese breadsticks.......I eat those all the time, unfortunately). I hate the delivery places...dominos papa johns, etc, and since we live in the middle of NOWHERE, there aren't any cool places that deliver.

My dough is looking quite awesome, I must say!!! Hope it tastes good.

Dingo said...

Do you use a pizza stone to bake your pizza? If not, hie thee to a Target and get one toute suite! It makes the crust sooo crispy and delish.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Dingo--YES, YES YES we do have a pizza stone,

Pizza was great.