Wednesday, May 13, 2009

“Mom, did you ever smoke pot?” and other questions you never thought you’d have to answer

So, what does a parent do when her nearly 16 year old son, who is currently COMPLETELY anti-drug, asks if you’ve ever smoked pot?

Well, if you are me, you sit there, STUNNED and babble like an incoherent SUCKER….because that’s exactly what I was. A SUCKER with no prepared answer, no calm façade, or no gentle reassuring words.

So, Internet. Give me the motherly re-assurance that I need. What things did YOU do as a teen that you didn’t want your parents to know about? Smoking? Drinking? Drugs? Sex? Arrests?

I want detailed explanations of your wayward teen/college ways----and how you turned out to be a NORMAL, FUNCTIONAL adult, and how you survived. Remember, I also have a kid going to college in a few months, and I worry myself SICK over how he’ll manage to survive the college/teen years.

So, Prom was this past weekend. We hosted a ‘formal’ dinner for 12 prom goers. It was actually quite nice. Despite the fact I knew that they’d all be up to no good later that night, it was sweet to see their dressed up selves, looking all grown up and stuff eating a steak/chicken dinner for ‘free’ (to quote my son). Despite the cost to us, it was a pleasure to be able to provide a dinner so the kids didn’t have to pay for it themselves.

The girls were lovely, and the boys all handsome. They were complimentary of the dinner, and the table setup. Remember, I am the one who has no decorating gene in my BODY. I managed to put together a decent table for the kids. After the fact, I realized that the silverware was set out incorrectly, but oh well. Perfectly’s Dad was the hosting location—he has a little more room than I do, and we cleared out his smallish living room to make their dining space. They overlooked the pretty front pasture at his farm.

Well, I'm sorry for my long absence. It's been crazy around the Perfectly house....Prom, life, etc sort of got in the way of blogging!!

Happy Wednesday!! We are due for some big storms today, so here's to not blowing away!!



MsDarkstar said...

The only really "bad" thing I did as a teenager was date guys way older than I was because guys my own age wanted pretty, fluff headed girls and the older guys at least wanted to talk before and/or after they had their BJ. I was the last of my small group of friends to lose my virginity but will confess that I probably gave WAYYY more hummers than my friends. Sorry if this is TMI. But, since my parents, of course, didn't WANT me dating these older guys, I did sometimes have to say I was going out with friends who they liked and then sneak off with the guys who they didn't like. But drinking, smoking, drugs? Not lil' goodie two shoes MsDarkstar...

Daisee579 said...

I was a goodie goodie in high school and most of college. When I did finally do a few bad things, I felt guilty for a while. Now I figure it's just part of growing up. I didn't get hooked on anything - it was the usual drinking, "experimenting," and boys stuff (sorry i won't go into detail here). However, I think I turned out just fine - I'm happily married, have a good job, and pay my bills on time (usually). I can't give advice since I dont' have any kids, but I never talked to my parents about drugs. I never did anything major either, though. I see no harm in a little smoke (and have plenty of arguments for its legalization), but everything in moderation or experimentation :)

SFreese said...

Is that second pic your son? If So I apologize-- but he's hot.

Perfectly Shelly said...

SFreese---yeppir....that's my son.

And no apologies necessary--many people comment on his 'hotness'....

he is hot......but that's not right for a mom to I'll just agree that he's very handsome!!

rockygrace said...

Drinking, smoking, sleeping around, every drug short of heroin - you name it, I did it, starting around age 15. Not proud of it, but there it is.

I guess I just had to get it all out of my system early, because by my early twenties I was settled down and married.

I'm now in my forties, divorced, and living a normal, not-excessive-in-any-way life.

Just because someone starts out a partyer, doesn't mean they'll end up that way. :)

Dingo said...

I was the perfect child. I saved all my rebellion for my 30's. And by rebellion, I mean I wore paisley with plaid.

Kristen said...

I love that green dress in the last picture! It's gorgeous.

I did lots of bad stuff in high school and nobody ever suspected that such a quiet, "nice girl" would do the things I did. We used to get a bottle of vodka and drive to the East Side where all the college kids hung out and get into bars and sometimes we went home with boys. We were SLUTS. And our parents thought we were sleeping over each other's houses...

We shoplifted, I once bought two hits of acid from a Rasta on Thayer St., I did a lot of coke, I drank, I abused amphetamines, I smoked all sorts of things, I had sex with boys I hardly knew or didn't know at all, I stayed out all night, etc. I tried just about every stupid move in the book and now look at me.

I'm a mommy and a LIBRARIAN.

Perfectly Shelly said...


The thing that was so awesome about her and the dress is that although she was NOT HEAVY....she was 'fuller' than the other stick girls in the group.......I mean she was thin and curvy, but she looked NORMAL....and not waif-like.

Also, her dark hair with that green dress? TWO THUMBS UP.

she was my favorite of all the girls, I must say.

Although, my son's date has a peaches and cream complexion, with those little apple cheeks? She's pretty gorgeous an un-made up way. I'll try to post more pics. The dresses were all so different. We had short cocktail dresses and long, full was SO FUN to see!!