Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Freak Flag

Ms. Darkstar commented about how she was flying her freak flag....well, to day is the day to fly mine.

I know, I fly it every day, but bear with me, people. It CAN get worse.

Did you watch American Idol last night? Oh, Boo. I know you did. Don't deny it.

Anywho, I at first was resistant to Adam Lambert. I didn't want to like him. I wanted to like Danny Gokey, and managed to do so for the first couple of episodes. Oh, for the record, I also adored Megan Joy Corkery. All my friends and family laughed at me, but she was adorable to me. I loved her style, look and tattoo.

Whoopsie, got off track again. So, back to Adam Lambert......I finally jumped on the Lamb Wagon, and decided that he was the guy for me. Danny was fine, and personally, I love his voice, he's just too....well......plain for me. And Kris Allen? Never did it for me. NEVER. Something about his snaggly teeth....Just didn't like him. I decided about halfway through the process that Adam and Allison Iraheta needed to be in the final two. Anybody that can sing Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't make you love me' like she did was a star.

So, last night we settled in (with only one cupcake recipce made...I'm lazy like that) to watch the American Idol finale. About halfway through, I decided to make some Lemon Icing for the cupcakes.......and who managed to have his 'DUET' while I was in the Kitchen? ADAM!! And who was he with? OMG......KISS!!! Kiss people. My 12 year old Hard Rock fantasy!! On my 12th birthday Ph.D. and a variety of other elementary school buddies put on a rock concert for me on the built up hearth of our fireplace. Leila kempker broker a hurricane lamp in the process.

Kiss was my FAVORITE rock band of my impressionable years. I could have eaten Paul Stanley up.

So to have my Adam and my KISS on stage together? LET THE FREAK FLAG FLY!!!!

I adore Gene Simmons "Family Jewels"--I think he's totally hysterical.....and his son? HELLO......H A W T.

I was disappointed in Gene Simmons tongue wagging and head bobbing last night. Too Much , Genie........take it easy and slip the tongue out only OCCASIONALY........

But other than that, I've run the DVR 3 times now re watching My Adam and My Kiss.

I'll be singing "I WANT TO ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT....AND PARTY EVERY DAY" for the rest of the day now. Instead of cleaning.

I cleaned my hallway floor. Man....when you are old, fat and out of shape, it HURTS to be on your hands and knees scrubbing a floor!! That's probably why I don't ever do it!! The hallway is all I've done. I'm going to shower now and go get my eyebrows and eyelashes done. I've got to look pretty for family, you know.

The Earl Grey cupcakes were okay. Not as fabulous as I'd hoped. A fruity, spicy cupcake with a lemony frosting.

So, I'm off to the shower (insert pornographic comment here, Stoogie). Then I'm off to get beautied up, then maybe clean some more. I just don't know.

Happy KISS day! I'm a happy girl.

Toodles for now.

Oh, Adam should have won........I'm sad he didn't, but depending on contractual issues, he may be better off being #2....he may have more freedom to go on and be totally famous.

have a good Thursday all!!

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MsDarkstar said...

Don't own a TV. Never seen an episode of Idol. No clue who these people are. So, how's THAT for a Freak Flag? *giggle

Glad you got your KISS fix. I was a KISS girl, too.

And AMEN about the floor scrubbing. Sure I can do it, just don't expect me to get out of bed the day after!