Monday, June 1, 2009

591 (Edited)

That is how many students graduated in my son’s class on 05/22/09.

I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for my graduation photos…….well here they are. LOOK AND LOVE THEM.

There are hundreds more if you are so inclined to see the entire group. Just come on by and we'll have a slice of pie and a slide show. kay?

Governor's wife, Georgeann Nixon gave the commencement speech. She's chatting with her Hubs before things get started.

I am fitting in with the crowd....I am fitting in with the crowd......

lining up...

Scanning the crowd.


Son #1 and Buddy after ceremony


The Laptop!!

Son #1 and Girlfriend

My Grandma!

My Mommy!!

My grandparents:


Son #1 did NOT get the grades he needed to take advantage of Missouri's A+ program. I am disappointed, but not angry. We now will be filling out financial aid papers to obtain small student loans that he will have to pay for if mom and dad can't get them paid prior to Son #2 going to college.

son #1 will still be going to Moberly Area Community College in the fall.....we do not have housing plans yet. We find out this week if he gets a dorm room or not.

He's working a temporary job right now. Sigh.


Dingo said...

Congrats to Son #1. So what's going on with the college stuff? Where's he going? Did he get the B he needed? You can't leave us hanging like this.

And look how curly your hair has gotten! I like it curly.

Perfectly Shelly said... mean in the last picture with my arms flapping in the wind? My hair is generally that curly, only it often frizzes, and looks just puffy......

That particular day, I didn't even dry it......or part of it. How it dried was how it was.

I'll update the blog with answers to your other questions.

Daisee579 said...

Congrats to Son #1!! Looks like you and the family had a nice time. Sorry he didn't get his grades, but at least he's still planning on going to college. You'll get the details worked out, I'm sure :)

stoogepie said...

Excellent pictures! Congratulations!

I think it is a very valuable experience for people to work their way through college. I think that only because I did not do that myself.