Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today is my Friday

Well, my real job ‘Friday’. I’ve got plenty to do at home.

I am so very touched…..Ph.D.’s parents sent my son a graduation card with a gift. Seriously…how thoughtful. I’ve known these people for more than half my life. I adore them, and think of them as family, but to have them extend their generosity to my kid is above and beyond.

I’m hearing slowly from in-law family—My husband has a unique family. Due to his father’s 2nd marriage (which is no more), he has step sisters and a step brother. Now that Father in law and ex wife are divorced, I’m not sure how that impacts the title of step siblings, but nevertheless, we remain in contact and close to the Steps. Although they won’t be able to stay, 2 of the 3 (and a spouse) have said they’ll make an appearance….which is so very nice. Mr. P’s step-brother is a newly appointed basketball coach in their hometown now…so he’s incredibly busy and his time, I’m sure, is not his own anymore. He has several graduation commitments for his team members and his Church youth, yet he’s still going to drive over an hour just to make an appearance. How lovely is that?

Tonight is cupcake trial night. I’m going to attempt a Whacky cake cupcake, an Earl Grey tea cupcake, and an orange cupcake. All from scratch, and not a box. I’d like to do a Mocha cupcake too, but we’ll see how these 3 go. I’m cutting recipes in half to cut down on the cupcake volume---

Oh, maybe I’ve not mentioned---I can’t remember now, but I’m making the ‘graduation’ cake. It’s going to be cupcakes.

Okay, with that clarification, I was going to make plain jane cupcakes, but I’m not a plain jane kind of girl. I’m not a steak and potato person. I’m an exotic cuisine type. Well, maybe exotic is a strong word, but I’d rather have more unusual things than the plain old standbys.

Hence the Earl Grey and Orange blossom trials. Earl Grey will have a lemon frosting and the orange blossom will have….well ORANGE frosting. Whacky cake will get a marshmallow-ish frosting. If I get mocha done, then they will have Mocha Frosting.

I’ll try to think tonight to grab the camera and take pictures of my attempts. It won’t be pretty, Internets. I’m a messy cook and an even messier baker. I do not enjoy baking, so we will see how much patience I lose during this ordeal. Maybe Mr. P can video me huffing and puffing in frustration. That’s what I do. I huff. I puff….I drive my family insane.

That’s all for now. I can’t wait to show you pictures of my family!! I’m so excited! Why don’t you ALL drive here too!! To hell with things like having babies, money and distance. IT’S A GRADUATION and it’s ME……PERFECTLY SHELLY!! How much more could you want? Come on down, people.

Um, if you do come, would you let me know so I can make more cupcakes? Oh and buy more liquor if necessary?


Toodles for now!!


Kristen said...

I am coming. Please make extra cake.

Perfectly Shelly said...

COOL!! I have 15 (count 'em FIFTEEN) packages of processed film from our 2004 trip to Mexico we can sit down and look at together.

I'll tell you all about the trip, my family and everything we did.

It's a DATE!!

Oh, and your doctor said you could have wine, so I'll buy my favorite for you to try,

You'll arrive when?