Monday, May 18, 2009


So, I’m not a cheese lover. Don’t gasp with horror….I’m just not into cheese that much. In fact, I don’t ‘get’ the whole cheese ‘thing’. I like cheddar on my Mexican, and cheese on my pizza. However, I don’t particularly enjoy just munching on cheese.

I know…there are many of you Internets that think cheese is something you can’t live without. You savor it like you do fine wines (which is another thing I don’t ‘get’---I like cheap, sweet wine myself).

I also am not sure I ‘get’ the pairings of cheese with fruit and dessert.
That is, until the last wine tasting at Schnucks.
The cheese department manager ‘schmeared’ creamy brie on a thick, hearty cross between a wheat cracker and crunchy wheat bread…..and topped it with a fresh pear slice.

Oh, I forgot to mention, that I don’t like pears either. GRITTY!!!!

Anywho, at the tasting, I was quite leery of the combination. WHO FREAKING KNEW it would be awesome? I ate the leftover ones at the end of the tasting. I’m such a boor.

So, now I’ve been obsessing over fresh pears for weeks now. I bought the creamy brie and a different kind of thick wheat cracker (because the store I was at didn’t have the other brand), shortly after the wine tasting and the cracker sucked, but the brie and pears? YUM.

So, yesterday, while I was out for the 18th time to the grocery, I decided I needed to eat a little healthier. So, I bought some pears and brie. Cheese isn’t healthy you say? Well, these little ‘wee brie’ wedges only have 80 calories per. And since I’m not a cheese ‘lover’ per se, the little wedge ought to be just right. And it’ll give me dairy and protein!!

I bought a couple of fresh pears, and now I’m sitting here thinking about them. It’s not my break time, in fact, I haven’t even had my yogurt with Kashi ‘Go Lean’ yet. And damn it!! I forgot my coffee in the car (again).

I tend to do that…when I don’t grab my coffee first thing upon arrival to work, I forget it!! I drink the same coffee EVERY MORNING, so I don’t understand why I tend to forget my lovely coffee when I change up my routine. Like getting out of the car, putting quarters in the meter THEN getting my stuff out of the passenger seat to carry into work. EVERY TIME I do that I forget the coffee. Then I have to decide if I want to schlep out to the parking lot for my awesome coffee, or get the ‘just okay’ stuff from the cafeteria.

Monday’s shouldn’t be so complicated.

Son #1 graduates this Friday. Last Friday was his last day of high school…..ever.

I’ll leave you with a photo of his handsomeness (this was from Prom….May 9th).

Happy Monday!!


MsDarkstar said...

I'm a moderate on cheese. I like it but won't go out of my way for it but sometimes I just positively crave it.

I'm starting to have a deeper appreciation for wine. Although I'm still perfectly happy with a nice mead (honey wine... SWEET) and would not snub a bottle of Boone's Farm which would make any REAL wine snob faint dead away from mortification.

You lost me on pears. Not my thing. Though I am trying to imagine brie and pear on a wheat cracker...

Perfectly Shelly said...

Oh, I know!! Pears!!

Those gritty, sometimes mushy fruits!!

Who Knew? I haven't eaten a pear in EONS, and suddently, they are on my radar!

Daisee579 said...

I will have to try the pear and brie combo. I like both so-so (not a huge pear fan though). I went to dinner a while back and shared a cheese appetizer thingy as dessert with a lady with our wine. I would never thought to have tried it, but it was pretty good. I liked how it changed flavor with the wine. Now, I'll never remember what wine or cheese or anything, but at the time it was good.

Son #1 is quite the handsome and his date is too cute! I hope they enjoyed prom and you survive this transition into having a son in college :)

Kristen said...

Hey hottie.

How YOU doin?

Your son is just hawt.

Anyway, here's one to try...make a salad with baby greens, watercress, goat cheese, raspberries, and walnuts and make a raspberry dressing to go on it. You'll think you died and went to heaven sista-friend.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

I could live on cheese. And pears. I could do without the cracker...but I'll take it too.

Unfortunately, everything's closed at the moment, or I'd be heading to the grocery store now...

Perfectly Shelly said...

Hi Mary!!

What time is in there?

I ended up not eating my pear today, so tomorrow it will be extra juicy and ripe!!


Glad you commented~!