Friday, April 24, 2009

Whew!! Tracey is alive and well.

Okay, I got all shaky and goofy this afternoon, and picked up the phone and DIALED Tracey’s sister. She, of course, was clueless as to who I was, but she was happy to give me Tracey’s cell number. I told her I remembered their dog (a great dane) and that Tracey’s room had horses all over it.

The sister told me that anyone who remembered they had a great dane from back then surely was being truthful.

I turned right around and left Tracey a voice mail---we’ll see if she remembers me and calls back.

I get all gushy and mushy when I think of old friends. I feel a special connection to those people I want to school with. Even if we weren’t friends---I feel a comradery with people. Like you guys. I’d rush to meet people I’ve become friendly with online…..because I feel that ‘connection’.

My BFF PhD doesn’t feel that way. People don’t make her all mushy feeling. If she wasn’t friends with them back then, she’s not going to strike up a friendship now. And I respect that….I’m just the opposite, though

But then my CRAZY sets in….what if people are SHOCKED at how fat I am. I know I go ON AND ON AND ON about this topic, but I really, REALLY used to be itty bitty skinny----and now, I’m legitimately obese---it’s not a matter of a few pounds a year.

And, like the Tracey thing….what if she thinks I’m some weirdo for calling her after 25 or 30 years. SURELY she’ll remember me. I’d go visit her in the summers after we moved. She visited us once….and I think commented on how boring it was in MY town compared to St. Louis. Ph.D. even went with me one summer visit. WHOOEEEE, that was a fun trip.

Tracey liked me even though I was geeky and bespeckled---even though I was a crybaby (she did try to toughen me up, though). She stood up for me when Paul Bowkowski kicked me in the back, and made me fall and skin my arms and knees up. She didn’t even laugh when I was being a crybaby. Tracey introduced me to a HOT, HOT, HOT dude one summer. She lent me her roach clip-esque feather earrings for the occasion of the 3 of us going to Six Flags!! His name was Kevin!!

Ah…good times.

So, I guess the ball is in her court. If she wants to visit or remembers me, she has my number. And her sister probably thinks I’m nutty.

Anyway, I’m glad I did it. Even if I get pegged as a creepy stalker type.

Have an awesome Friday!!!!!

Oh, and p.s.

The person in Buffalo that found my blog by looking for 'leif garreet nudies' (their spelling, not mine), you won't find them OR him here.


MsDarkstar said...

You know... I've tracked down a few people using Facebook or Classmates or (Now MyLife)... people I hadn't spoken to in 20+ years. Everyone seemed happy to reconnect EXCEPT...
I tried contacting my best friend from High School. I got a response from her husband (who I knew, as well. I introduced them) who said basically "why the hell do you care after 20 years?" and asked me if I "had any idea what they are going through right now" (which I didn't and to this day have no clue about).

Why the hell DO I care after 20 years? Because I have a very clear understanding that people don't live forever and I want to tell people who were important to me that I've never stopped thinking of them.

Good luck on your reconnection!

Dingo said...

I'm one of those people who don't want to be on Facebook particularly because I don't have the desire to reconnect with people I knew 20 years ago. If we're not keeping in touch now, then really, why after 20 years? But what's odd is that I love meeting new blogging buddies and love having them go from being blog friends to IRL friends.

Daisee579 said...

I'm glad you got up the courage to call and hopefully Tracey will call back. I had these two really good friends when I lived in AZ for a couple of years in elementary school. I periodically think about them and what happened to them. I'm not on Facebook or MySpace or anything, but I have tried finding them on Classmates or internet searches. But since they are both female, I have no idea if they've changed names or anything. Or even if they still live in AZ! And who knows if they'd even remember me!!