Thursday, April 23, 2009


So, Peeps (I’m down wit da urban lingo, folks), what is worse as a parent?

KNOWING what your child is doing wrong by snooping, listening to conversations, monitoring Facebook, etc.
OOOOORRRR, knowing your kid is up to no good, but not attempting to catch them at anything, hence giving yourself a pass to bury your head in the sand? To know things aren’t right, but to ease your own worries, sort of letting the knowledge go?

See? See what my BRAIN does to me all the time? I question myself….the things I do…..I cringe over missteps in conversation. I know I will worry for days that I’ve offended someone by saying ‘peeps’ and referring to that as urban lingo……..and the spelling of with as ‘wit’ and the as ‘da’. Yes…..I might offend……..and it FREAKS ME OUT.


On another crazy note, I’m about ready to call a stranger. This person was found via GOOGLE. I think she may be the sister of my childhood best friend (before Ph.D). We were friends in the 4th grade, and when we moved here from St. Louis, we kept in touch for several years.

During High School, we lost touch……I’ve tried looking on Facebook, Google and My Space for her, with no luck, but I googled her sister, and found her. She works for a St. Louis corporation (clue #1) and the company website had her photo…..and it looks JUST LIKE I remember their mom looking……only with long hair (big clue #2).

I don’t know if my friend Tracey is even alive anymore. How traumatic would it be if I just show up on this sister’s phone and Tracey is dead….or a drug addict, or something equally saddening to her? What if they HATE each other?

See? I’m doing it again….I’m questioning myself…….I decided I was going to just DO IT, and she was out of her office. Now this gives me time to ponder all the terrifying things of the unknown.

This is how I make myself crazy. I think of all the things that MIGHT be happening, or COULD happen. My brain spins round and round right ROUND!!

Speaking of Right Round, has anyone heard the Flo Rida version of the catchy 80's pop tune? Wow....has he ever changed the lyrics. My 15 year old son came into our living room singing this:

****You spin my head right round, right round
When you go down, when you go down down

You spin my head right round, right round
When you go down, when you go down down*****

Um....YEA. I hollered at him to STOP SINGING THAT, and he laughed at me. He laughed because he thinks it's funny A) To freak me out and B) that I like the song "I love college"........

Yes, the song is cute and catchy, but it's also very VERY scary seeing as I have a child heading into the college world.

SEEEEEE??? It's happening again.....I like the song, but it scares me. How in the hell can any of you expect me to function??

It's like I'm a complete contradiction.

Help me out here!!!!!

Toodles for now.


Daisee579 said...

Girl, take a deep breath. it's going to be okay. I think we all have moments of panic. I don't always know how to get through them, but somehow I manage. Just this morning I am reasonably certain I offended a friend via email. So now I'll spend all weekend stressing out about it because I really like this person, even if she lives really far away from me. This is why you and I are "friends" even if we have never met in real life!! LOL

Lynne said...

Shelly, I can totally relate to the what you said about your teenager(s). I am having my own issues and question my own parenting skills daily (hourly). I think I'm losing the battle. We need to talk.

Perfectly Shelly said...



We'll talk.

I'm glad to know other people question their parenting ability.

It sucks, doesn't it?

Dingo said...

You really need to get out of your head every now and then. This is not the same as getting your head out of your ass. You don't have your head up your ass but you do have a lot of shit rolling around upstairs. Back up, take a deep breath, and RELAX!