Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Long Time No See!!

So, what’cha been doin’?

Oh, you know, the same ole’, same ole’ here. Our internet connection is on the fritz, so the cable guy is supposed to come today to try to fix the problem. Historically speaking anytime the cable people ‘fix’ something, it comes with HUGE repercussions. Something else breaks, or doesn’t work right, or whatever. We’ve had the same thingy-majig (whatever we get our high speed signal from….some little box with blinkey lights on it) for YEARS……Mr. Perfectly hasn’t wanted them to change it because knowing Mediacom, they will break something else.

Hey, I just was browsing some blogs that I’ve been neglectful in keeping up with (Ms. Darkstar---Ben……I am so sorry……being without internet access at home sucks). Anyway…..LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!! JUST LOOK!!!!

(never mind...I can't figure out how to get Ben's logo onto my blog...but suffice it to say IT IS CUTE....go to his blog to see what I can't seem to copy here!!!)

Ben is raising money for ten animal shelters throughout Canada, the US and South Africa.

So, if you are able, give. Pets are people, too!

If y’all remember, we got Dex from a CRAZY LADY. At a weird animal ‘swap meet’. It was the last day of the meet, and he was ‘on sale’. Discounted from $50 to $30 (or best offer). He’s got a brown nose and golden green eyes. He was sick with worms and parasites. Although I firmly and STRONGLY believe in adopting from a shelter, I feel quite confident that we gave this pup a great home that he otherwise wouldn’t have had. The owner’s son ‘docked’ his tail. For no other reason than Dex’s baby daddy would beat his tail on the wires/bars of his cage and his tail would bleed and be infected all the time. So, they thought (instead of NOT keeping them in kennels, and letting them be housepets) that they’d dock the tails of the babies to keep them from having yukky tails too. IS THAT NOT STUPID? So, I have a miniature doxie pup with a nub of a tail.

This little dachshund is the SWEETEST BABY ever. He has some separation anxiety issues, but aside from that, he is absolutely the sweetest dog. He doesn’t bite, snap or growl (which may sound ‘normal’ to many of you, but you haven’t met my grouchy dog Buster, who snaps, growls and bites all the time…..). His BFF in the house is our cat, Joe, and he’s so loving it’s unreal.


Happy Wednesday!!


Daisee579 said...

Glad you're back. I hate when "they" come to "fix" things. They never show up when they're supposed to and things seem to take longer than planned. Ugh. Hope you have an uneventful visit from the internet peoples :)

Kristen said...

I was about to email you to make sure you were ok!

Ahhhhh!!! I keep forgetting to do the Ben thing!

I have to get to that.

I'll email my manslave now.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Daisee!!!! They fixed it! My cat was fixated on the cable guy, and my dogs were an absolute abhorrent mess....we made them stay outside, and they acted like boors.

Kristen--you should have e-mailed anyway.

I am fine--work is crazy, no internet at home, so I've had to pick and choose my 'surfing' and blogging times.

I thought I'd gotten Ben's logo all figured out, and I didn't I forgot to have MY manslave to get on my correction.