Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's official

My baby is enrolled in college.


We spent from about 10 am to 3:30 pm sitting in the hallway of a community/technical college to get him enrolled. It was 'open' enrollment, and the campus in Columbia, Mo was overflowing with over 100 kids waiting to register. The Moberly campus (he's attending Moberly Area Community Collee) which is 30 miles north of Columbia was guessing a 3-4 hour wait, and the Mexico, Mo campus estimated a 2 hour wait. We high tailed it to Mexico. It ended up being more than a 2 hr wait.

I feel bad for those waiting at other campuses that may not have gotten in.......because it's a bitch sitting there all day. I'm glad it's done, but there are changes coming.......Son #1 and his buddy will be attending together. They have grand plans of what college life will be like. They'd already planned on a 3 bedroom apartment (because they'd need a guest room, of course) in a trendy community near all of their University bound buddies. Several other boys from his circle of friends are going to the SAME college....same campus location. So, they figured it would all work out well......

I've been pushing for one of the smaller city campuses......cheaper, safer, etc......and one of the campuses has a small amount of actual DORM space. The boys wouldn't even ENTERTAIN the thought of living anywhere else but their desired location.

Until they decided that the satellite campus doesn't have advanced enough courses for one of the boys. So, after all the arguing and attempt at reason, they collectively decided that the OTHER small town campus is the way to go, since that location offers advanced math courses. **PULLING MY HAIR OUT BY THE ROOTS**

So, now we are in the process of getting them on a waiting list for a dorm.......since it's only got 12 rooms (hardly a dorm), space is in demand. AND if they dont' get the dorm, they now want an apartment in the small town, near campus.

And now, after waiting forEVER to register them, we will now have to switch their registration locations. Which isn't a huge deal, but will require another trip or at the minimum, several calls.

I am actually quite glad that they made the decision that they did. They will be in a small town (12,000), and if they can actually get a space in their little dorm, then they will have the full college experience. Walking all over campus, cramped quarters and regular dorm living. It will be a good thing, I think. Despite the fact I had the idea first and it was R.E.J.E.C.T.E.D., they've made their 'own'
decision, and it is the RIGHT one.

So, it was a long day of waiting, waiting, waiting.

45 minutes of registration and a Q and A session with an advisor, who was most helpful and patient with us.

I can't imagine the workload of the parents registering their kids in a full University setting. Man........if community college was like it was, then whoo doggies......University registration must be a week long process!!

I'm off to see my Brandon. Actually, it's for Son #2---the moptop---he needs a haircut like you wouldn't believe....and since Brandon's specialty is curly hair and mens cuts, it's a WIN WIN situation!! Who knows, maybe I'll take pics.

Toodles for now!!


MsDarkstar said...

My Goodness! It's been a whirlwind in Perfectly World! College and haircuts and dorming! Wow!

Kristen said...

My friend Michele's oldest son just moved in with a bunch of friends from school. She cried her heart out to see her baby move out and she spent a million monies getting him set up in his apartment, but you know what?

He's baaaa-aaack.

The grand ideas didn't work out so well...

Now he plans to move to New York City!


Dingo said...

Isn't the mark of a good mom getting your kid to do something you want him to do while making him think it was all his idea? Sounds like you did great!