Thursday, April 9, 2009

I can’t make you love me

But I can sure as hell BEG YOU TO ANYWAY!!

I love comments—GOOD COMMENTS…funny ones……ones from people that LIKE ME, so pass my blog on to EVERYONE YOU KNOW so they can, too, love me.

I love Bonnie Raitt’s “I can’t make you love me”. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time. I get all goose bumpy, and weird when I hear it. So, when the little 16 yr old on American Idol sang it the other night, I waited with excitement. After all, that song has been done on nearly every season of Idol from SOMEONE, and they usually do a passable job----but whoa doggies. This little 16 yr old girl sang it in the arrangement of Bonnie Raitt, and sang it SOOOOOO well. The song has been on my mind since Tuesday, and I just HAD to incorporate it here somewhere………..I’ve been singing it over and over.

On a different note, Son #1’s graduation stuff came. His cap and gown, his announcements, his name cards, his ‘thank you’ cards and the envelope labels to seal it.

I’ll post an announcement if you want, but you know what that means, don’t you? You’d be obligated to send a gift-----and I’d hate for that obligation to weigh on our friendship, you know?

Unless you want to send gifts…..and in that case, he’ll take them. Especially cash since he’s going to college and wants an apartment and all that stuff. Cash is good. Laptops are good, too!

Our State is proposing that the A+ program we have here be expanded. Currently, a student can get tuition to a community or technical college PAID FOR for 2 years by the State if a student meets certain criteria: 2.5 gpa (which he doesn’t quite have yet….aaarrrggghhhh), and 50 hours of mentoring in our school system (which he is currently doing). If he gets all a’s this go around, he should be able to get into the A+ program, and get his tuition paid for at his community college of choice.

NOW they are proposing that the 50 hours of mentoring be taken away as a requirement, and allowing all schools in Missouri participate (currently, only schools that have the A+ school rating can participate---I don’t know what getting that designation entails). But, here is the WONDERFUL, LOVELY kicker!!! They are proposing to pay for an additional 2 years at a traditional University AFTER the student completes their 2 years of community college (and gets the basics out of the way) with a B average. OMG….this is HUGE. HUGE……since we live within driving distance of a MAJOR University in our state, we could potentially get 2 kids through college with NO DEBT. NO COLLEGE DEBT. Now, a lot of it hinges on the kid. Meeting the high school requirements and then the b average in comm.. college………but holy CRAPOLA, Batman…….to continue to pay for their university 2 years is such an awesome thought…..I certainly hope it passes, and my kids can benefit from it.

Well, enough random thoughts for today. Happy Thursday, everyone!!


Daisee579 said...

Whoa! That would be an amazing program. Good luck to your boys!!

The biggest reason I picked the college I did was because they let you "stack" scholarships. Most schools make you pick one or the other of the scholarships you're offered. not mine. I got to use my out-of-state tuition waiver because of my ACT score (and participation in their "honors program" at college), my band scholarship (yep, I am a big band nerd), and my academic scholarship (general based on GPA, etc). So I got tuition, dorm room, books, and usually a little extra paid every semester. That little extra went on my debit card and I used it for meals. I mean, very little extra, like $50-$100. But to a college kid, that's a lot. I ended up with a BA and no debt. (I have some from law school though, but it's nice not to have that plus college debt).

P.S. You know I heart you :) I try to comment as often as I can. Want me to start using aliases to comment more than once?? LOL

MsDarkstar said...

Hmmm, something tells me #1 son would not be digging bath products...

But I've sent you gifts, so you must know I am all about lovin' Ms. Perfectly! And reading her blog. And trying to be a witty commenter.

Hope your son gets into a good program because that stupid piece o' paper can make all the difference.

stoogepie said...

I will send a gift if you post an announcement and a plea for gifts. You should beg. You only have to beg me, though. I don't want to force you to publicly humiliate yourself on everyone's behalf.

Or Son #1 could beg for a gift. That would work for me. Or, Son #1 could get the straight A's he needs for the A+ Program. That would work for me, too.

The Missouri Promise bill has already been approved by the Senate. It needs one more Senate vote before it moves on to the House. If it passes and your kids don't get 2.5 GPA needed to qualify, Mr. Perfectly should be ready to deliver a spanking.

You know we all love you. I have been on yet another comment sabbatical because I had to work the last two weeks and also had to finish up an unrelated big project. Now I am lounging around drinking little drinks with umbrellas in them at nine in the morning. But I still love you.

Kristen said...

I want stoogie's life for five minutes.