Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Smugacity Self-Improvement Challenge (cont.)

Okay, so I didn’t take part in Melissa Lion’s cleaning challenge of yesterday. CLEANING? DURING MY BIRTHDAY WEEK? No. Way. But watch her video…it’s FASCINATING.

I will, however, tell you the recipe for cheap household cleaner. TA-DA!! Equal parts non-sudsing ammonia and water. Put in a spray bottle. It cleans EVERYTHING. It’s awesome.

Glass cleaner is equal parts non sudsing ammonia, isopropyl alcohol and water. Again, put in a spray bottle, BOOM…the best glass cleaner EVAH.

Yes, it fraught with chemicals, and MelissaLion’s video was how to make a non toxic cleanser….so my ammonia defeats the challenge of ‘green’ cleaning. But for those of you that aren’t as green as others…..ammonia ROCKS in the cleaning world.

So, today’s challenge is to support the arts. I can’t afford to support the arts, therefore, I’ll give a shout out to my favorite artist DAN!! Woo Hoo….DAN!!

Besides really liking him as a person, he is my favorite artist, and the ONLY artist I personally know. I could add knowing an artist to my snobbish resume. Aren’t artsy friends a requirement to be snobbish and smug? Especially if one isn’t artsy at all herself?

Here is one of my current favorite paintings that he’s done:

I like most of his paintings, but some just stick out to me, and although I have specific favorites, this is a general favorite.

Here is his where you can go to see many of DAN’S paintings.

OH….OH…..OH……WAIT……I can support another artist!! An artist using a different medium….PHOTOGRAPHY!! MY HUSBAND!! Mr. Perfectly is a photographer, which makes him artsy… I know TWO artists!!! Wow!!

Here’s Mr. Perfectly’s photoblog.

And then there’s my pal Stoogie. I didn’t include him earlier, because, although he is a true blue artist, I don’t officially KNOW him. I just cyber-know him. I LONG to meet him in real life, and have him bestow some of his art on me as well, but so far, he’s not offered either. For me to meet him in real life or any of his art.

So, there you have it. I’ve supported the arts. And it was free.

C’mon Mr. P, Dan and Stoogie….show Perfectly the LUV for supporting the arts!!!

Happy Wednesday, that is my FRIDAY since I’m off work tomorrow and Friday!! YIPPEE!!!


Daisee579 said...

Look at you all Ms. Artsy Fartsy. I am not sure I'm worthy of being one of your loyal stalkers. My uncle is muscially artsy and my sister-in-law is creative artsy in lots of ways, writing, drawing, painting, etc. I'm crochet artsy, but that's it. I long to be creative, but have nothing I'm good at and really no good ideas. In other words, I'm pathetic.

I'll miss you the rest of the week, but have a great birthday!!!!

PS I love that your governor's name is Nixon. He's not a crook, eh?

Perfectly Shelly said...


Believe me, you are SO worthy of being my stalker!! You are SO not pathetic! I LOVE YOU!!

I am not creative AT ALL. At least you can crochet. My grandma showed me once how to crochet a chain, but I have no real clue how to CROCHET.

Nixon is seemingly a pretty good guy!!

stoogepie said...

But doesn't ammonia smell like pee? Or is it that pee smells like ammonia? I can't remember.

In any case, I never clean. That's as green as you can get. Think about it.

Oh, and you don't want to support me. I am expensive.

stoogepie said...

Also, happy B-Day to you and Mr. P! No cleaning for either of you!

Pee is okay, though. If you're into that.

Dingo said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!

I make my own daily shower spray. 1/3 Rubbing Alcohol, 1 cup water, a few drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil (both have antibacterial properties). After your shower, spray, spray, spray!!

As for supporting the arts, I give a buck or two to the musicians in the subways.

Anonymous said...

God, I want Stoogie to bestow art on me too. Yummy.

Happy birthday to both of you!

Mr. Perfectly said...

Hmm. Hopefully Heloise isn't reading this.

Another tip on the Glass Cleaner is to wipe with newspaper rather than paper towels.

As far as a green substitute for glass cleaner, I find that plain water and a really good microfiber cloth does a good job.

Thanks for your support of the arts!

After repeatedly spraying myself after showering with your after shower spray, it seems that it dries my skin out to much. HA.

Kristen said...


Dingo said...

Mr. P, you are cray-zee! It must come with age.

And, where's Mrs. Perfectly? Why hasn't she posted? Tell her to get off her lazy ass and put something up here.

With love and friendship,