Friday, February 27, 2009


Yes, Drama. Literally. Son #1 was getting a C- in drama. **Sigh**. Yesterday his teacher graded an in-class Duet Acting project, which increased his grade to a B-…which is GREAT PROGRESS.

She also informed me that he has a test today on the history of the Theatre. He promised me last night that he’d study his book. Of course, he didn’t. I got up and found his book bag untouched from the night before and went all ‘Momma’ on him.

I got him up at 6 am to study for this exam. He was really mad at me. He tried the old ‘You can’t make me study.” And “you can’t tell me how to study”, and I succinctly (well, not really----brevity is not in my nature) told him that in a nutshell if he wished to partake in social activities this weekend, he WOULD study---and take advantage of the early morning quiet time. He of course balked. I went back into his room 10 minutes later and he ‘claimed’ he’d read the chapter, and was all snuggled back under the comforter….I suggested if he wished my continued financial support as well, he’d GET HISASS OUT OF BED AND STUDY FOR THIS TEST.

I also told him to follow up on two job leads IN PERSON today. He hemmed and hawed, and again……if he wished to have a freaking SOCIAL LIFE this weekend, he’d DO AS I SAID, AND IN THE MANNER I WAS TELLING HIM TO DO IT. Face to face. MAKING AN EFFORT.

Sheesh. I know the term “Helicopter parenting” is a nasty nasty word, but good grief. He’s got only 9 or 10 more weeks of school. He certainly can get his butt in gear for that short period in his life to improve his grades, get tuition money from the A+ program, and find a part time JOB!!

******RANT OVER********

In better news, today is FRIDAY. My favorite day of the week. Except for Friday Mornings. I don’t enjoy Friday Mornings. I have all day to wish away, so Friday AFTERNOON can be here and I can go home…..

I saw a commercial for “Artichoke Annie’s” antique shop in Fulton, Missouri (Winston Churchill…..Iron Curtain speech……anyone….???? Anyone????). I’m a whore for ceramic, and glass kitchen stuff. Red glass, and green glass especially. Pyrex oven ware, etc. I just LOVE that crap. Oh, yeah, PLATTERS….BRIGHTLY COLORED PLATTERS, TOO!!!! Well, this commercial had a whole AREA with that kind of stuff displayed….turquoise Pyrex… Pyrex……we are SO GOING there this weekend. Fulton is only 30 miles from here, and we’ve never, EVER gone to the Winston Churchill museums or Memorials………..what a shame. We ate at Bek’s once in Fulton, and it was quite good. Maybe we’ll make a partial day of it, and see all the sights, the antique shop and Bek’s again. Yum.

Wait, I just Googled Artichoke Annies, and maybe it’s in Columbia, Mo. Crap…I need to see that commercial again!

Regardless, we will be going to Fulton. My husband wants to see historic sites for photographs.

I absolutely love the month of February. We have 3 paid holidays, it’s my BIRTHDAY, and it’s a short month, so paydays are CLOSER!! Who could ask for more???

Oh, we found a boo-boo. Well, Mr. Perfectly didn’t call it a boo-boo, he called it a near deal breaker. Apparently Dex has been chewing the corner of our couch. Not underneath something, but on the BACK OF THE COUCH…like where people sit. The fabric and padding is all torn up. Anyone have any experience on how do deal with THAT?

Have a Happy Friday, everyone!!


Dingo said...

I can give you much more advice about raising Dex than I can about Son #1. Dogs, now, that's one thing I know.

Email me his schedule (Dex, not Son #1), play times, etc. I'm definitely not a professional but I will be glad to impart what I know. Believe me, Dingo Girl is not a perfect angel but that's more my fault than hers -- I have problems with being consistent.

Kristen said...

Um...I know how to keep a cat from tearing the couch. You're supposed to cover it with double sticky tape so that when the cat puts her paws on it they get all sticky and as you know cats hate to be sticky. Except my cat. He just ate the tape and barfed it up on the couch.

I'm sorry I can't help you.

PS: I love Fridays too!