Monday, February 9, 2009

The official PERFECTLY week.

Addresses and phone numbers can be provided for presents and well wishes. TAKE NOTE, people. This is a once in a year event.

This is the Perfectly Birthday week. Mr. Perfectly’s big day is tomorrow (he’ll be 44) and my big day is on FRIDAY (yes Friday the 13th). I will be 43.

I like presents. I am not picky---if I can see that a lot of thought went into the present, I don’t CARE what it is(as long as it is awesome). I also like phone calls and letters. Mr. P isn’t so much of a social butterfly

It’s fun having a birthday near the same time as your spouse. We get taken to dinner a lot, our kids are nice for a day or two and we ignore getting older. IGNORE IT. Because we are 25 at heart.

The next obstacle is college. OY.

What an education (no pun intended) I’ve received this last week. Basically, college is unaffordable. UNAFFORDABLE, folks.

Missouri has a wonderful program available to kids with a 2.5 gpa (which my oldest is just shy of) and if they perform 50 hours of unpaid tutoring. It’s called the A+ program and it will PAY ALL TUITION for a community college for 2 years. ALL TUITION. My son wasn’t interested in the A+ program. He wanted to attend the University of Missouri, Columbia or Ole’ Miss. Well, after filling out our federal financial aid paperwork and seeing what the ‘estimated family contribution’ will be……that’s a no go. So, I am freaking out over HOW TO GET HIS GRADES UP.

After conversing 3 separate times with son #1’s high school counselor—it has been determined that it IS possible. With a solid a- average for the remainder of school. This is nearly impossible for a Senior suffering from Senior-it is. HELP!!! I’m distressed and dismayed at this turn of events!!!

Y’all need to understand, when I get a hold of some things in my brain, I’m like a dog with a bone, and won’t let go. It drives Mr. Perfectly to distraction sometimes. I drive MYSELF to distraction at times with the constant thinking, worrying, all the what if’s.

I’m sure many of you that are more financially secure would say “you should have thought about this from the minute he was BORN”. Well, we didn’t. I mean we thought about it, but never did anything about it…or were ABLE to save or anything. So, now here we are just shy of graduation, and no plan of action.

Well, I’ve been at this for a long time. Coming back to it in the few free minutes I’ve had.

Now remember……’s PERFECTLY’S BIRTHDAY this week….and Mr. Perfectly’s, too!!!

Toodles for now!!!


MsDarkstar said...
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MsDarkstar said...

Happy (upcoming) Birthday, Mr & Ms. Perfectly!

While I may not get them in the mail on time, I will send out a little somethin' somethin' (made by me, even!) to honor your birthday!

Yes, I know you weren't seriously asking for gifts, but I love birthdays and want to share the love!

Daisee579 said...

Happy Birthday Perfectly's!!!

Let your hair down this week and throw caution to the wind. Enjoy yourselves and your possibly last birthday week with the whole family together. Live it up and party like the rockstars you are.

PS Isn't there a few $1.50 margaritas with your name on them???? (or whatever the price was at the cheap place)

stoogepie said...

Happy Birthday, Shelly and Mr. Perfectly!

As to Son #1, I say you tell him that either her gets straight A's or he joins the Army for the GI Bill. Or something like that.