Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Melissa Lion International* Superiority Smugacity Self-Improvement Challenge

Since I am her stalker, and this is MY WEEK, go to MelissaLion's site and take her challenge!!!!

So, I’ve been trying to think of things to be smug and superior about. I’m not coming up with much, but I’ll DO MY BEST.

My husband makes coffee for me every day. And it tastes better because he says he puts ‘LOVE’ into it.

I am a good cook, and a minor food snob.

I often get my way.

I brought my own V-8 juice and Funyuns to work so I wasn’t paying a doller PER can of V-8 and PER bag of funyuns a day.


I eat fresh beef. Not processed by a feed lot. With no antibiotics or hormones.

I adopt my animals from shelters. Except for Dex, and I assure myself that his purchase (for $30—on sale) was NEARLY as noble, since he was being raised by the crazy, Pentecostal bun wearing lady who kept touching my BOOB. And he was being sold at the weird Pet Swap Meet. He NEEDED a home.

I realize these snobbish ideals aren’t as lofty as MelissaLion’s—like making fresh from scratch granola, but they are cool things for me nonetheless. I am so not a gardener, but I will make use of OTHER’S hard work and effort in the garden and use fresh items as often as I can. Either my dad’s farm or Farmer’s Market in the spring/summer. I also plant HERBS in the spring so I can have them fresh, with no pesticides.

I do confess to using a bread maker, but my Husband experiments with making fresh bread recipes a lot. Herb breads and cheese breads and regular crusty breads. YUMMY. They accompany my soup making on a regular basis.

So, there you have it. My loftiness SOARS beyond the average folk, don’t you think? HUH? (Remember….it’s MY week!!!!—I get MY way!!)

Thank you, MelissaLion for allowing my natural snobby nature SHINE for the day.

I, of course, will attempt to find more lofty things about me to post about in coming days.

Toodles for now. It’s Mr. Perfectly’s BIRTHDAY!!!


Daisee579 said...

Happy Birthday Mister P!!!

I love your snobby things. I think we often focus on the negatives and forget to see the positives in ourselves. Me included. You rock!!

stoogepie said...

When I order my coffee at Starbucks, I always ask then to leave room in the cup for love.

Where do you get "fresh beef?" Is that just a euphemism for something totally sexy?

Hey, if your son knows Governor Nixon, why the heck doesn't he help your son get straight A's? A call to a teacher or two from the governor would probably work wonders in the grade inflation department. Also, when I donated money to Jay Nixon, I did so with the proviso that he would stop squinting if he won. Please tell your son to tell Jay to stop squinting all the time. The ice storms are over.

Did I mention that I am smug for no reason at all?

Happy Birthday, Mr. Perfectly!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Daisee!! Thank you for loving the snob in me. It's a trait I try to squelch most of the time, but what the heck!! It's my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!

Stoogie--baby cakes!! You came BACK!!

Um...didn't you once tell me that you had a birthday this month too? Has it passed? Is it in the future? I may send a card!! How fun!!

Okay...Nixon. He can squint. SQUINT if he chooses!! Just because I love him SOOOO MUCH MORE than other individuals that have recently served.

I've met the Gov. as well.....as a parent at school functions and sporting events. Especially the sporting events.

I somehow don't think a call to the school from the Gov would be such a hot idea. Son #1 needs to learn to work and EARN his stuff...ya know?

I'm SO GLAD you are back. I MISSED YOU!!!

Oh, fresh beef....not, not sexy at all. My dad raises cattle (small herd), so he has a couple a year butchered for our use, so we've always got fresh, no hormone, no antibiotic beef. For the vegatarians, I realize this is offensive, but as a carnivore, I enjoy eating good quality beef on occasion. Although beef isn't my favorite.....really meat isn't my favorite, but I prefer chicken. Unfortunately, we don't have access to fresh chickens. Or maybe i should say EASY access.

If you really contributed to Nixon....thank you. For all of my state!!

Kristen said...

Stoogie's birthday is Valentine's day.

Happy Birthday Mr. Perfectly!!!

Anonymous said...

Shut up. Stoogie's birthday is Valentine's? I love it.

Very good snobbiness. Very, very good.

Whiskeymarie said...

Embrace your smugness- love it and nurture it. There are too many negatives in the world to let the good things (or "snobby" things) go unnoticed. What a great idea this is!