Thursday, January 31, 2008


Actually.....I pee. My Dr. gave me a diuretic yesterday, and hoo boy.....does it tie up alot of your time in the bathroom. Not only does it tie up time...but it sort of comes on at the grocery store........ewwww. I have issues with public restrooms (except's like home by now).....they are just nasty, and I avoid them at all costs. But not siree bob. The bladder won THAT battle.

Speaking of public restrooms, we should have a discussion on etiquette. People, be AWARE of what goes on around you....sometimes ladies need a little 'private' time to do their bidness.......maybe we'd like to poo in PRIVATE. So, when you see feet, and the common area is so very may be someone waiting for the restroom to be, let's say, EMPTY???? Fluff your hair later...straighten the already straight hem LATER......let the gal poo in PEACE. Don't chat or have lengthy 'self talk' sessions in the mirror. Oh, and if you should enter the restroom during or immediately after someone mortifyingly has a smelly poo....don't comment on it to your pals......sheesh..........they already notice, and, um...hello....I'm IN THE STALL TO HEAR YOU. Oh, it's also a sometimes people need to leave a stinky......better there than in your cubicule!! Uh Huh!! Think about it!

Oh, and please don't make eye contact. You know who you are. You're the one that checks out who's in the stall from the mirror, under the pretense of putting on lipstick. You check out the little cracks that the stall doors leave so you can see who's in there. Harrumph. I don't need to feel the need to politely smile at you with my pants around my knees.

Oh, and lastly, don't take photographs while in the stall. It's creepy when sitting on the pot, only to hear someone else close a stall door, then hear the sound a cell phone makes when taking a know....'freeze frame' click, click.....what in the WORLD do you need to take pictures of in the potty?

Don't answer that.

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