Friday, January 4, 2008

It's a cold, cold world

I have a cold. I don't ENJOY having a cold. Some may even go so far as to say, I'm not very pleasant to be around when I have a cold (If I catch anyone saying that, I'll be pissed). I'm not even relly THAT sick......I suffer from allergies in a major way, so you'd think I'd be used to the symptoms, but guess what? I'M NOT.

I wish I were as eleqoquent as some of the bloggers I read. I want to have a 'following'. People who can't WAIT to hear what I've got to say. Alas, it doesn't seem to be happening. My husband and friends (maybe) are the only ones who read this. I've not given the parents the address, because, you know, I may say something that I dont' want them to know! Also, I haven't been a very good blogger--mainly by not blogging more regularly......and being sort of, well you know, BORING.

We went out for New Year's Eve. We NEVER go out. If Mr. Perfectly had his 'druthers' we'd never leave home. But, we had a really, REALLY nice evening. We played board games and ate. It was all very relaxing and easy--a bunch of people that we know and truly LIKE. We didnt' stay til midnight, since we had a kid that can't drive yet at his GIRLFRIEND'S house....Mr. Perfectly picked him up and we all settled in for the night. Whooee. Aren't we an adventurous crew?

Well, I'm not a resolution person, but let's see if I can keep the blog thing going, and post more often. I'll commit to putting comments on others blogs in hopes that the interest will grow here as well. I've really gotten a kick from linking to different blogs from my standard favorites. I've read some REALLY funny, and cool people!

Hope to see you here or on YOUR blog!!

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