Thursday, January 24, 2008

From here to ETERNITY

I am so disappointed. As mentioned before, son #2 and I have been FROTHING AT THE MOUTH in anticipation of the new FOX show 'Moment of Truth' It was FINALLY on last night..........and what a yawn-fest. I finally picked up my book and read. It was THAT intolerable.

The premise of the show is that people are given a polygraph exam in advance of the show asking 50 or more questions designed to provide 'dirt' on the contestants. 21 of the questions are chosen, and the contestant must answer (on the show) all 21 correctly (according to the polygraph) to win $500,000. It's so voyeuristic!!

But, no. It's so BORING. They used excruciatingly long pauses, with 'suspenseful' music playing. The camera pans to the panicked face of the contestant......(ahem, they KNEW the questions they answered during the polygraph....duhhhhhh), it pans to the face of the nervous, sweaty group of family/friends.........then, practically with pliers, the answer is PULLED from the contestant's bowels..........then the audience GASPS...and the entire, everlasting process starts all over. In an entire hour they managed to cover maybe 20 questions..........maybe less........I should have counted, but I was so shocked by the enormous pauses and dead air, that I couldn't believe it......

C'mon FOX.....keep the customers happy..........pick up the pace...get those questions asked and answered; let us continue to pry into the intensely personal lives of strangers!!!

I'll give it another week or two to see if the public feedback resembles mine and Fox gets the show in snappy shape, otherwise, I'll have to find another way to feed the voyeur in me!

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