Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Few people have the imagination for reality

so says Johann Wolfgang van Goethe........I had to google 'reality' to find something apropos. I'm really getting a kick out of cutsie titles for these blogs of mine....ANYWAY.....

WOO HOO...It's American Idol time......and almost Big Brother time.....oh, and is anyone else but me RIVETED to the idea of the new Fox show "Moment of Truth"?

I'm a reality TV whore. Actually, I'm a TV whore, but reality is my fave. I have fantasies of being well read, and eloquent, but alas, as much as I wish I were meeting you in a bohemian coffee house, while reading fabulous original poetry, here we are, in a blog, talking about American Idol.

So, since that is where we are headed, lets talk. Will Paula be as nutty as past seasons? Nuttier (we hope)! Will Simon be as snarky and rude? Will we all get some sick pleasure from his pretense of caring? Will Randy say "Dawwwggg" about 751 times per episode again?

If it weren't for DVR, I'd not survive. There's no way to manage multiple reality shows that air on multiple evenings per week without one. Besides, I must record my OTHER favorites.....such as Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi channel (I never thought I'd watch Sci Fi....and since when did ghosts become science fiction??). I record Paranormal State on A&E, too, but not liking it so much....it's a little ouiji board for me...but I'll give it a few more episodes. Give me ghosts peering over a railing in Florida.......love those Ghost Hunters.........LOVE THEM (she says in a singsong opera type voice). Oh, and Celebrity apprentice? OMG...how much do we love Gene Simmons? I'm FASCINATED by him. Why? Loving KISS in the 6th grade isn't good enough reason?

I've never watched the Apprentice before, since Donald Trump isn't all that exciting to me......I watch too many reality type shows to get roped in, but the Celebrity apprentice???.....it was too tempting to pass...and of course, I'm hooked.

Ok, this is really going nowhere, so I'll go home and make my Jambalya, and settle in to watch round one of the Auditions...........I bet YOU will too!

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Mr. Perfectly said...

It was awesome Jambalya too. Give em the recipe.