Thursday, January 17, 2008

Larger than Life

Ok, I'm disgusted and TOTALLY fascinated with 'American Idol'....those poor people who are exploited for entertainment value. OH, THE ENTERTAINMENT VALUE. The female 'Willem Dafoe'?? OMG.....that was just..........well........funny!! And can anyone say Temptress Brown? The 16 yr old FEMALE middle linebacker? That wanted to provide care for her ailing mother? And Paula that hugged the mother? Were there enough kleenex to COPE with the moment? I mean c'mon....I know I'm slightly sensitive to those 'heavy' issues, but people don't' TOUCH fat people..........the average person is GROSSED OUT by flab....but this quite large mother of Temptress, that is ill and needs care was singled out and hugged................sniff sniff.

And the tension tonight with Celebrity Apprentice. The tension, the ARROGANCE.

When I was 11 years old and met Ph.D., she ran on the 'wild' side. She came in the school, being new, knowing about a girl named Julie that was 'popular' and she originally thought I was Julie.....I was HOOKED on my new friend (I'd never been thought of before or after as 'POPULAR'). Anyway, Ph.D. introduced me to Hard Rock -n- Roll, Slam books and soaking toothpicks in gin (weren't we brave little farts?). WE loved the rock band KISS. Loved them. I knew all their songs (to listen to an 'oldies' station these days, I can STILL sing the KISS classics). And Gene Simmons....wooooooo what a gross out guy. I liked Paul Stanley--and Ace Frehley....they were 'cuter' (good god.....are any of KISS cute? Even sans makeup?). The blood spitting demon was, well, kinda SCARY.

When I turned 12, I had a 'bunking' party (rural language for a slumber party) and most of my friends were 'goody two shoes' and then there was Ph.D. and "Fox"...they were the cute, fun REBEL girls. Ph.D. and my goody friend, Leila, were up on our fireplace holding a mock KISS CONCERT......and broke a hand made hurricane lamp that my great uncle AJ fashioned w/ his own hands....out of a beer or soup can or something...he cut the metal and twirled it like quilling to make a holder for a glass lamp for a candle. And Leila broke it in her zeal to be one or the other member of KISS........Damn.....the concert never finished.

Anyway, fast forward 30 years..........I learn about "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" on A & E.........and I'm hooked....he's so ARROGANT, and SCARY and FUNNY and.....well, WARM AND FUZZY. His son is an absolute hoot---and I'm addicted ONCE AGAIN to something KISS related. Sigh.

So, what about the arrogance of Gene Simmons against Donald Trump? OMG. Gene can out arrogant the 'Don' any day. It actually makes Trump look like a nice my Genie got fired for being insubordinate to the boss. I'm sad and relieved at the same time. Maybe I can bond w/ Marilu Henner or Steven Baldwin or something. It re-opens my loyalties.

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