Friday, November 30, 2007

Livin' in a Small Town

(You are supposed to be hearing strains of John Mellencamp in your head.....)

Tonight is the 'Living Windows' display in our community. What a fabulous thing to be able to walk throughout the downtown area and see the storefronts and store windows come alive with dancers, singers and actors. There apparently will be carriage rides and hot cider. And of course, Santa will be there. The high school choir will perform, and the Christmas lights will be on.

It sort of stinks living in a smaller community when you need a good girls night out spot, or someplace exclusive to pick up that one of a kind item--we are full of Wal mart, Kmart, Target and Kohls..........we don't have many restaurants except the chains--applebees, bandanas, etc.......but there is something special about being able to spend the evening mingling with the community as your nose gets cold....Kids are excited, and even teenagers go strolling with their circle of friends or hand in hand with their girl/boyfriend............

Our state capitol is accessible by car, and there is parking within a few hundred feet of it. There is little snarled traffic, and although tonight, parking will be difficult, it will be NOTHING compared to the celebrations in large cities.

So, think about my town tonight while you may be fighting shopping or traffic.........there will be lots of strolling about and visiting in MY town..........and it is a very quaint way to spend an evening.

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