Sunday, January 3, 2010

You want I should bring you some SOUP??

Yes, fan's I am BACK. I've been totally unmotivated, and feeling un-blog worthy. But my buddy Stoogie noticed my absence, therefore, I thought I'd better get back into the game.....

So......How was your Christmas? New Years? Good? Good. Back to me.

So, a couple of weeks ago Teenie had a DOOZIE of a cold. Probably something more vicious than a cold, because she was really sick. I berated her for being at work (she has work ethic), and then proceeded to send her this really funny e-mail. One that may have offended many of our went something like this:

******Yo! You want I should bring you some SOUP? (that was my attempt at being tough Italian....or is it Jewish?).

I seriously will bring you some semi-homemade soup if you so desire. I deliver!! NO Charge!!****

Can you figure out the punchline here? Huh? Can you?

You guessed it. I sent it from my work e-mail. I sent it to some Insurance Agent out there in the world that I'd been working with----yes....I DID!!!

I noticed where Teenie's name would normally have pre populated, it was instead pre-populated by someone else in my address book that had the same first letters of her name.........and just as my little finger hit SENT...I noticed immediately it wasn't Teenie....but random Insurance Agent.

Holy Jobs, Batman.....what do I do now? I immediately hit the 'recall' button from my e-mail provider, but when did further checking, realized that the recipient had to have Outlook, too....which he did the recall failed. I in the meantime sent an apology e-mail AND made an apology phone call (leaving a message) and HOPED that he didn't see fit to call the Governor or something about how State Workers abuse their time and resources.

In the meantime ALSO hoping he wasn't Italian OR Jewish, or easily offended.

Luckily, over Christmas, I got a funny reply from him saying that he'd had a really bad day, and I made him laugh....and that he may take me up on the offer of soup someday.

Whew.....that's a relief. I'd recently helped him out, so I was hoping that would overshadow the faux pas I made. But, DAMMIT....Now I may be delivering soup to St. Louis sometime!!!

But that aside, my days have been uneventful. Christmas was nice...quiet, but very nice. I've been keeping up with a few of my fave blogs.........

Oh...I got a comment from an 'anonymous' on one of my blogs. I am leery of them because they are often spam...but this one said: "Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up! "

That and Stoogie looking far and wide for me made me jump up and want to blog again.

So, peeps...keep reading...and KEEP COMMENTING......

Toodles for now!


MsDarkstar said...

Hi Shelly... not only did I notice you were MIA, but I gave you an award over at my blog to coax you out of hiding!

Welcome back!!

Daisee579 said...

I hate Outlook for that very reason. My hubs did something similar once - he thought he was sending an email to me and accidentally replied to someone else. He's normally quite sensitive, but in this email he teased me about being Italian (much like your email it was fairly innocent). He was stressed it could have upset the actual recipient.

And another work friend thought she was sending me an email about her nasty coworker and instead sent it to her boss! Good thing her boss isn't the coworker's biggest fan, but the boss did have a little talk with her about being careful of what she sends via email.

I hope you had a great New Years and Christmas, and I'm glad to see you back :)

Perfectly Shelly said...

Daisee!! I've been lax in communicating with you. I'll send you a chatty e-mail soon.

My friend is Italian as well...hence the attempt at humor in my e-mail........I HATE to be in conflict over race, ethnicity, religion, etc.....but I let my guard down and of course, it bit me in the ASS!

Luckily it all worked out, but whew....I learned a lesson there.

How are you FEELING? can't wait to 'talk' to you!

MsDarkstar said...

Wait... I left a comment and your blog eated it.

Anyhoo... welcome back to the blogosphere!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Ms. D!

OOps...the blog didn't eat was operator error!! :)

I read it and didn't publish it......

My fault!