Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Shameless letter to the Ellen show

So, I just composed a generic message to the Ellen DeGeneres show via their website. A shameless, SHAMELESS request to see her show with son #2. Of course, on their dime....which is what makes the request utterly SHAMELESS.

She's on a quest for World Domination...I'm on a quest to see/meet/mingle with Ellen and my kid (and Portia......son #2 has heard she's HOT)...who adores her as well.

Not much to ask of her, now is it? (hangs her head in SHAME).

Oh, I may 'SORT OF' mentioned this little blog here and invited her to read it. You know how that goes...one day you have fives of readers, and suddenly you are up to SIX!! woo hoo!! Anyway, in case she or her staff reads this, I figured I'd better mention my shameless request to her. You know, so as not to appear TOTALLY rude.

Oh!! I totally forgot to tell Ellen in my e-mail.....we've adopted our dogs and cat (sort of.....that's a different story)! That makes me have something in common with her!

Well, what did your Tuesday bring? Mine was back to work after the long LAZY weekend. Other than that, it has been pretty quiet. A chat with Teenie, which was fun, and writing this blog. It was a quiet day, which was nice. It actually went by quite quickly......again NICE!!

Well, I really don't have any new news.........

Toodles for now!


Kristen said...


OMG do you think she just READ THAT?!?

MsDarkstar said...

I hope Ellen at LEAST comes and reads your blog. That'd be awesome.