Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I need a Will for my inner Grace!!

So, what do I come home to? Ellen has BETTE MIDLER on her show today!! SQUEEE!!! B.E.T.T.E. M.I.D.L.E.R!!!!

I would SO be the perfect BFF for a gay guy or two! BETTE MIDLER!! I could tear up about now.

I'm defrosting chicken, which requires several trips to the Microwave to turn the defrosting meat so it doesn't begin to cook. So, I decided to pause Ellen, and take care of the chicken, so I can feed my family tonight and blog to you guys about BETTE MIDLER!!

I must confess....I missed out on some of the great Bette years. I was a young girl when 'The Rose' came out......I saw previews and thought Bette was a druggie girl who sang ballads. I wasn't impressed.

Then as I got older, and watched her in 'Beaches', I totally girl crushed on her. What a VOICE!! I begin to cry at the SAME PLACE in that movie and don't stop until it's been over for a while. Therefore, I can't watch it anymore.

I really, REALLY have an aversion to movies that make me cry. Me and Mr. P went through a rough patch in the mid 90's, and I resolved to not let him see me get emotional...so I avoided any and all tv, movies and commercials that could make an easily weepy Perfectly cry. For whatever reason, even though things are great on the home front, I still keep that little shield around my heart.

I got into trouble one time when I watched 'Stepmom'. Yeah. Nobody told me it wasn't a light comedy about how two women have to learn to interact after divorce and when the husband begins a new relationship.

NOBODY TOLD ME IT WAS SAD. I remember sitting in my living room SOBBING behind a kitchen towel, while my boys and husband watched. Wary and confused. OMG...I learned my lesson there, Internet......I haven't gotten caught YET unawares in a movie/tvshow/commercial.

Except sometimes Extreme Home makeovers and stuff.

So, Beaches is now on the banned list, but when I see it's on tv...I watch parts that I know aren't sad, and I never, EVER watch the last 20-30 minutes. ever.

That, people is how I fell in love with Bette Midler.

So, when I hit the DVR record button today so Son #2 could have his Ellen to watch, I saw who was on and was all like..."SQUEEEEEEE". Mildy teary eyed, because the THOUGHT of Bette Midler brings up Beaches, which is sad.......anyway........I sat down to watch without my kid.

Then the chicken called, and I knew I had to put SOME effort towards a meal so I'm blathering to you WAITING FOR THE CHICKEN to thaw so I can Cajun Inject it and bake it up for dinner.

Ok, oven is pre-heating, and I'm ready for Ellen.

Hey.......I mean no disrespect when I say I love the Gays........a gay friend would be just the coolest! Maybe he'd even take me to see Bette Midler or Kathy Griffen!!

Toodles for now.......


Meg Kathleen said...

Do not. I repeat DO NOT watch My Sister's Keeper. I think I cried the ENTIRE movie.

Perfectly Shelly said...

MK---Oh...no...no...no...that is on my 'list' of unwatchables. The previews for that movie gave my tearducts a workout, so NO..NO..NO

I don't know why crying is such a 'thing' for me. Makes me feel weak, I suppose......