Monday, January 11, 2010

Reality Blues

Well, I didn’t win anything on Ellen’s Christmas giveaways. That makes me sad.

I see these shows…..and all these terribly deserving, totally humble people are given prizes, cash and brand new houses. They all give TOTALLY of themselves and take nothing.

Well, what about me? Are there giveaways for really nice people? People who really don’t have a REASON per se for their house falling down, or being behind in bills? Maybe except poor money management? Do you think the producer’s at Ellen would UNDERSTAND? And see fit to fly me and Son #2 to her show? Because we are nice….and he’s really funny…and he’s really cute. Maybe he could be a famous teen star someday or something.

Anyway—I feel so selfish for wanting these things to trickle down my way….but I don’t have a ‘story’. Don’t get me wrong………really, I’m glad I don’t have a ‘story’. I am very grateful my life has been relatively free of tragedy…..I mean I’ve had a major tragedy in my life….but nothing like some people are facing. So, I’m grateful. But I still want my house to be nicer, and my furniture better, and to have money in the bank so I didn’t always WORRY.

Is that so wrong? Ellen….if you are out there……I still adore you….even though I didn’t win any of your Christmas giveaways. And even though I haven’t gotten a car full of cash…..I still totally record your show, so my son and I can sit together and crack up and watch your show. It provides a nice bonding hour for us. He is cute….all curly blonde hair and blue eyes……….so if you see fit….we still want to wrangle a seat at one of your shows………..oh, and his buddies all think Porche is ‘HOT’ so it would be cool for him to meet her too……so he can go back with pictures or something and show his friends.

Otherwise he’ll have to settle for a pair of Ellen underwear.

And Extreme Home Makeovers? I like my house………but an addition would be GREAT…..and some siding or paint and a new porch. That’s all. I don’t need a BRAND NEW house….just a few upgrades.

So, if Ty Pennington reads this……give me a shout out……..I’ll give you my address and we can go from there!

Hey, guys---thanks for taking notice!! Hopefully your bosses will see that I’m totally fun….and have a cute son…….making me eligible for SOMETHING!!


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MsDarkstar said...

I don't have one of them fancy teevees so I don't even know if they do "Monster House" any more, but I think it would be awesome if the Perfectly's got a Monster House. It would totally be worth living in a motorhome for a week.

And I'm right there with you as far as not having some horrible, horrible story but I really, really need a working car and a job and enough money to pay rent and stuff and it's not even about poor money management, it's about always being in a position where I am "marginal"... you know, employed but JUST BARELY scraping by so I don't HAVE money to have a savings account or a cent saved for retirement even though I am in my 40's and know that means that I will have to work til the day I die (or have to go to the really awful nursing home like they show on 60 minutes where they abuse the old people and stuff).

If I ever win the lottery, I will make sure you and son #2 get to go see Ellen. And we will sit around with bottles of Arbor Mist on the front porch of my fabulous tortoise ranch and be silly!