Thursday, March 5, 2009

I still *heart* Brandon

It’s been 6 weeks since I got my haircut, so it was time to visit Brandon at “Catherine Crum-The Salon”.

He is the sweetest guy!! I ADORE him. He cut my hair around my bangs….since NOBODY but me (and Brandon) liked the bangs. They have to grow out a bit for anything different to be done with them---SO he cut chunky layers into my hair and straightened it, and it’s SO CUTE!! He assured me that it would curl nicely when I leave it curly, and he’s ready to color it……I’m not so sure… box color works fine to cover they gray… we’ll have to slowly move up to the coloring.

Oh, I embarrassed myself YET AGAIN! At the salon, there was the CUTEST girl. She was really tall, and beautiful. She had on LEGGINGS AND A BABY-DOLL TOP!!! And y’all know how much I want to sport that look and not look like a circle!! Anyway, as she was approaching with her client, I said to Brandon “I want to wear outfits like that!!”, and she heard me. Whoopsie!! And guess what? It was Catherine herself!!! Double Whoopsie!! At least she smiled and was tolerant of my envy.

I smiled at her client because MY haircut was $18, and hers was going to be $65………hahahaha!!

So, I proceeded to tell Brandon about the horrible Tunic/Shirt/Dress fiasco of last year. He politely chuckled, but I think that maybe it was a TMI moment.

Son #1 has an interview today at the grocery store I frequent the most. Hope for the best, Internet friends…….HE NEEDS A JOB!! It’s close to our house, and I’m HOPE…HOPE…HOPING FOR THE BEST. I love that grocery store.

Well, I wish my funny was working today, but it apparently is in a holding pattern.

I don’t have much today, so I’ll sign off for now!!!!

Happy Thursday!


Kristen said...

I too would love to wear that look but right now I think I'd be a little circular too. And you'd be able to see straight up my babydoll shirt because it would just sort of hang there like a tent.

If I were that woman I would have been flattered to hear that you wanted to wear my outfit. If she wasn't then there was something wrong with her. And Brandon probably laughed that way because you probably told the story in your usual self-deprecatory way and he didn't know what to say because he likes you.

You're really adorable you know.

Why is there no picture of your hair?

Perfectly Shelly said...

Oh, I have pictures. Hubby took a video, without me knowing it to begin with and I sound like a country hick.

I say something along the lines of " AH Like my HAR".....and then I give stupid giggles after I figure out he's videoing, and he close ups in my face. It's all a bit weird.

He wants me to post it because he made it into a little movie--it has the dogs in it.

I may post it.....I don't know.

There was NO self deprecation in my tunic story. You wouldn't BELIEVE how bad it was....even jakki couldn't come up with a pseudo was just bad.

Thanks,'re adorable too!!

stoogepie said...

I want pictures, too! In fact, to do the story justice, you should wear the leggings and baby-doll top.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Son #1, but only if it is a great job with good benefits and decent pay. Or, if it is a sweat shop, then I will cross my fingers anyway if you will get discounts or free stuff or rob it blind or something.

Daisee579 said...

How did I not comment on adventures in haircutting land? I rocked the tunic/leggings back in teh early 90s when I was in high school and weighed like 95 pounds. It was great and I looked cute. Now I think I'd look like a tomato if I tried the look again.

Since I'm writing this on Friday, I sure hope that Son #1's interview went well yesterday!