Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It’s the return of Drunken Ghost Hunter Wednesdays!!!

Oh goodie. New episodes of Ghost Hunters begin tonight. I also think that the TV Land show “High School Reunion” may be on tonight, too.

I am such a sucker for reality TV. Especially that I can relate to. Like “High School Reunion”. It’s amazing how many issues we carry from our high school years. Like my weight issues. I wasn’t a heavy kid. AT ALL. EVER. I weighed 100 lbs the day I graduated from high school. I was mortified to wear a size 5…. my gluteus maximus was rounder and fuller than some girls, therefore necessitating the size 5….they were way too big on my 23 inch waist. No Joke. I was really that small.

So, needless to say, when I go to my own high school reunion-ish functions, it’s very hard for me. Not because I was ostracized as a ‘fattie’…it’s because I was so very small (5’2”) and tiny then, and not so much now.

I see old classmates….especially old boyfriends and dates and know that SURELY that they are thanking their lucky stars that they didn’t stick with me……..that look what I turned into……yada yada yada. Instead of focusing on the fact I’ve been married long term, have a couple of great kids, and am HAPPY. Duh!! THAT is what should stick out to people (including myself), not the fact that I’m now fat, when I once wasn’t.

So, I empathize with these “High School Reunion” reality tv participants that get holed up in Hawaii with their classamtes from 20 years ago, and be expected to co-exist peacefully. Especially when the producers ‘label’ you from the beginning….the “clown’; the ‘pregnant girl’; the ‘wanna be’; the ‘jock’; the ‘homecoming queen’, the ‘preacher’s daughter’, etc. The automatically fall into these labeled roles and stress ensues. It’s compelling to watch, let me tell you. These nearly 40 year olds acting like 17 year olds. It’s horrifying and totally relate-able all at the same time.

Now, Ghost Hunters. What’s the big draw there? I don’t particularly believe one way or another on the topic of ghosts. I suppose they COULD exist. I suppose they couldn’t as well. What I like about the Ghost Hunters (GH from now on) is that the premise of the show is for their team to go to a purportedly haunted site and try to ‘debunk’ the stories. The sounds, the sights. According to the GH, there is usually about an 80% rate of finding logical reasons for the supposed hauntings. It’s the 20% that keep me hanging!!

I was SHOCKED today to read that there are people that think that the GH actually fake the evidence that they do ‘catch’. This was a big ole’ letdown to me because early articles and info about these guys was adamant that there was no fakery, or tricks. I bought into it hook line and sinker. I still think they are pretty real.

I don’t like the other ‘mainstream’ ghost shows. They are hokey with their psychics, being possessed and séances…….I don’t buy into that fluff---and I suppose there is just enough believer in me to think it ‘could’ be true. GH is kind of interesting in a scientific/paranormal way!!

So, off for a fun night of high school stress and ghosts!!

Happy Wednesday!


Kristen said...

We don't get freaking GH anymore Shelly! I am heartbroken!!

Tell me how it is. I want the full report.

You know the Chinese guy? Ken's officemate is his cousin. I'll try to get him to sign some shirts or bras or something for us.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Kristen-How in the WORLD can you not get GH? You LIVE's like they should have it on ALL THE TIME there.....

That's nuts.

Oh, it wasn't very creepy stuff.

Daisee579 said...

We tape GH because my hub loves it so much. There is another one too, Paranormal State that he likes. We had to stop taping that one, though, because it's apparently on all the time and the DVR got full. I don't like to watch them as much because they give me nightmares. I'm working through it though because hub likes it so much.

Signed bras? You totally have to post a pic of you wearing one, Shells!!!!

Kristen said...

It wasn't good?


I didn't mean that in a ghosty way. I meant it in a complainy way.

We don't get it anymore because our cable company changed the channel to a higher number and we don't get channels that high. It was the only show I actually looked forward to watching all week. That and Moonlight which was cancelled.

I don't think I'm supposed to watch TV.