Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So, MAYBE, I accosted the grocery store manager.

Our local grocery store, Schnucks, is having a wine tasting on 03/24/09. They had one a while back, and I missed it. So, I made note of the date, and saw a sign that one had to SIGN up for the event. HMMMMMM. Sign up for a grocery store tasting? I wandered back to the customer service desk to sign up, and who would happen to be there? The customer service MANAGER and the store MANAGER!! The customer service manager is the one I would hint aggressively to about son #1 applying for a job there. He got an interview and then PFFFTTTTT. Nothing.

I thought that MAYBE she'd mention my son while I was signing up for the wine tasting and since the STORE manager was there....and he interviewed my son, we could segue right into when he could start!!! You know?

So, the store manager began RAVING about how fun the wine tastings are. They bring in a wine expert from Schnucks, and the featured company wine expert and put tablecloths on their deli booths (sexy, right??). They have different 'courses' and pair wines with the foods. Well, I signed up leisurely---hoping that somehow the conversation would turn from wine to my kid.

It didn't.

I had a lovely conversation about the wine tasting, was acting overly thrilled to have signed up and secretly wishing I could think of a way to bring up my son and his interview on my own!!

The store manager wandered off and the customer service manager and I exchanged final pleasantries, and I ran into the store manager dude again as he was straightening up cereal boxes!! I just jumped right in with "I noticed your name tag earlier when we were talking and I do believe you recently interviewed my son for a job!!!!" *looking earnest* He politely asked his name, etc. He remembered the interview and the fact the kid took some sort of personality test, but apparently the open job was filled by a checkout operator that wanted more hours. **sigh**

He said the application would remain on file, yada yada yada......but apparently things didn't go my way regarding getting the kid a JOB there!!

So, now I have a date to attend a wine tasting, and will still be paying for my kid's gas and entertainment money.

On another note, I got another shipment of mineral makeup today. Can I just say OMG!!!! It's called 'Pink Diamonds' and the Bare Essentuals people put together a beautiful pink package of perky makeup!! I can't wait to try it. I'll get another shipment in June called Canary Diamonds, and a final one in September called 'Black Diamonds' (Let's hope it's not gearing towards the GOTH look). I CAN'T WAIT.

The kitchen is painted and picked up. Let's see if we can KEEP it that way.

Toodles for now my leprechaun buddies!!

p.s I am sorry for being so neglectful of late.


Kristen said...

We don't have wine at grocery stores here. I cannot imagine the bliss and the glory that it must be to have a WINE TASTING at the market. I mean, that's just about my biggest fantasy come true...well, throw in the Italian deli manager and THEN we have some serious fantasy material.

Oh VINNY!!!!!!!!


So yeah.

Wine at the grocery store.

Totally jealous.

MsDarkstar said...

We don't have wine in our grocery stores, either. We do have wine tasting at one of the local liquor stores, though, and they have the HARDCORE tasters, who bring their own frikkin wine glasses, come to the tasting.

Please note that you shouldn't see the no job thing as a reflection on your son personally. It's damn hard to get a job with the economy being the way it is. I have skills and experience and it took me five months to find a job. The local McDonalds stopped taking applications because they had 1000 on file. And I can't tell you how many letters I got saying "we decided not to fill the position after all.."

And, if the "Black Diamonds" is "goth", I think a certain MsDarkstar could work out a makeup for bath goodies exchange with you!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Kristen: You were totally in my dream last night. We lived in like a big brother house with other bloggers and they were all being immature bitches. THEY WERE....not us. You kept escaping to some library or administrative office to blog. I was jealous. I was doing dishes.

MsD!! Ah Ha!! I'm now envisioning a lab tech from NCIS-esque look for you or something!!

Which is totally cool. I always say (much to the horror of my husband and midwestern mom friends) that if I were lesbian, I'd totally go for that look. Dark hair, pale skin, gorgeous deep red lips.....you know Monica Lewinsky and that NCIS chick and Dark Angel wrapped up into one.....

Probably since I've got basically no color to my complexion at all. light pinky skin , no color hair, etc.......so the exotic look always intrigues me.

I try for the smokey eye look---because I do get compliments on my eyes....but with my allergies, I always end up with my makeup half gone around my eyes and nose.....it's terribly attractive, let me tell you.

NO WINE AT THE GROCERY STORE? What's WRONG with where you live? I guess I now have something unique and positive to talk about Missouri, huh?

Kristen said...

I had a dream about bloggers too but none of the bloggers were people we know. They were people I made up in my dream and they had guns.

That's all I remember.

Bloggers with guns.

Oh, and there was a lot of ice cream.

I think I need a therapist.

Daisee579 said...

I've never lived where you can buy wine (or any alcohol other than beer) in a grocery store - at least not that I can think of. We even had a Schnuck's in Memphis (we had it as a Seesel's before the name change, but still no alcohol). I'm hella jealous. I have to stop at two stores if I want alcohol - the grocery or convenience store for beer and the package store/liquor store for the hard stuff and wine. Who has time for all these stops when you're just trying to get a buzz on?? LOL

Sorry Son#1 didn't get the job. Keep trying - something will work itself out.

Now you know we want pictures of the new and improved kitchen, right??

Perfectly Shelly said...

I'm just SHOCKED y'all!! Maybe it would be BETTER for me to NOT have wine/beer/liquor at the grocery store. I may not buy it!!!

We only have 2 'liquor' stores that I can think of in town. They are thought of as 'wine' stores, but they sell the hard stuff too......one of them is the only place I can get a couple of my FAVORITE wines.........so I do stop in occasionaly, but mostly I buy the non specialty stuff at the grocery---and of course my Captain Morgan coconut rum!!

Daisee579 said...

O.M.G. yes, I really did say OMG. I freaking heart Captain Morgan Coconut Rum. I love any coconut rum concoction too. well really anything with rum is my favorite. Now I really want some coconut rum and it's 9am here. Does that mean I have a drinking problem???