Friday, March 20, 2009

I opted for being raisin-ish today

So. I was all prepped for a chatty post---one where I could maybe wipe the whiny-ness of my LAST post off and start fresh. It is FRIDAY, after all, and that’s my FAVORITE day!!!

Well, tough….you’re getting the still whiny Perfectly----It’s been a crappy day (so far). I got up this morning, with the allergies feeling like they were going to kick in. Since we all found that the Claritin of Wednesday did NOTHING, I decided to go for the big guns and take some of Mr. P’s prescription allergy medicine (that doesn’t make me drowsy). This stuff really works. It REALLY dries you up. EVERYWHERE. My mouth is dry, my face feels crackly and dry and my hands are all puffy and dry and hot. (I think he’s going to give up on taking this allergy medicine. Despite it’s tremendous powers, we think that’s what makes his diverticulitis act up. It dries up his intestinal tract, which sets off a WHOLE HOST of issues.) I feel like a pale raisin. With puffy hands.

I got out my hot pink shirt that shows a little cleavage, and my JEANS (it’s casual Friday). I shower, do my hair, brush my teeth, put on my PINK DIAMONDS makeup again, hopeful that it didn’t get rubbed off in an allergy fit today. I grab a box of Kleenex, my coffee and HEAD TO WORK. I park, get in, get settled and begin working. I ran to our snack shop to get some little powdered donette thingys to dunk into my coffee.

While happily dunking (and drinking water to try to stave off the dry everything syndrome) my coffee FLUNG from my hand, and down my jeans and all over me and the floor.

I dejectedly tried to sop up what I could from my jeans, and my floor (and the brand new carpet they installed in December). I put a fan on the floor to try to dry my jeans quickly so I didn’t walk around with a huge wet spot on my pants. IT WAS COLD. I finally decided to go home and change.

I lost my good parking spot, and freaked out my dogs by showing up at an unconventional time---and the worst thing about leaving work? Knowing I had to GO BACK. It was sunny and beautiful and to SAVE MY FRIDAY, I really wanted to stay gone.

So here I am. On my favorite day, wearing pair of jeans #2, and wishing I could have just kept driving once I got out of here. Oh, and feeling like a raisin.

It’s a terrible thing to have to decide at 5:45 in the morning if you’d rather be a snot machine or a raisin. Today, raisin won out, but not without a lot of debate.

Y’all have a Happy Friday. I’m working on trying not to pout and be happy for whatever I have to be happy about.

It’s working. Sort of.



Kristen said...

Have you tried one of those nosey douche things?

My doctor made me get an Ayr because I was having such sinus issue and I'm telling you it's the best thing ever.

It sounds really gross but it isn't and it helps so much.

I bought one for Ken and he's hooked on it too.

Google Ayr. I tried to get a link but it was way too long.

Daisee579 said...

I hope you had a better weekend. The pollen around here really seems to be killing folks.

And here is some maybe good news. There is a teensy weensy tiny little chance hub will get a job in the St. Louis area and we'll be moving there. He applied for something that possibly will require relocation to a number of cities in the US. St. Louis is on the list. Perhaps that will brighten your day. Or scare you. Depending on how much you like being stalked by someone who may or may not end up living closer to you. HAHA