Thursday, March 5, 2009

My New Haircut

Okay--since there has been OVERWHELMING (ahem...two) requests for pictures of my hair, I'll post the video that Mr. P took of it. But no snarky comments about my freakishly odd accent that suddenly appeared, or my weird giggles and facial expressions.

AND, In my opinion, the hair (or HAR) doesn't look as good there as it did at the salon. It looks whispy here.....

But since you it is. In it's weirdness.

Tomorrow I'm going curly, since *Brandon* said he cut it so the curls would be awesome!!



Daisee579 said...

Dang work firewalls - I have to wait to watch this video and the one of your kitchen until I get home. I bet it's going to be so funny to hear your accent!!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Well, my BFF (Ph.D) watched it while we were on the phone together last night and laughed. I asked what she was laughing at, and she said it was cute (the video).

Cute is NOT in her vocab, Daisee. So, lord knows what it REALLY looks like.

She also said it didn't sound like I said HAIR as HAR....But I still look like a freakishly old person giggling like a teenager.

Ph.D was more interested in the glimpse of my dogs than she was my HAR.......(HEAR THAT PH.D? I know who you REALLY love in my house.)

Son #1 had his interview, and took some sort of test....hopefully they'll call him.

Dingo said...

Do you really expect me to notice hair when you have Copper and Dex showing off in the background!

stoogepie said...

It doesn't look whispy. It looks every bit as cute as I expected. But I want pictures of the curly look, too. Sort of before and after.

Also, in the next video, please hop around and bark like Dex and Copper.

Thank you.

Daisee579 said...

Oh you are too cute. I like it straight. I bet you're like me, when you wear it straight, you feel like a whole nuther person. You didn't sound freakish or anything like that - so cute that Mr. P got involved!

And I'm with Dingo, how are we supposed to concentrate on close-ups of your blue eyes when the boys are goofing off in the background??

Kristen said...

I have to wait to see this video but I can already tell that it's totally spectacular and wonderous and everything.

I'll come back after work.